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Why Do The Cards Seem Wrong

Do you ever wonder why, after getting a reading, the exact opposite of the predictions seems to happen the very next day? I have had many of those readings and I’m not afraid to say I have given a few as well.

When we begin to really understand the cards and how they give us information, we soon discover that those so called “bad readings” were not so bad after all. I can recall two distinct instances where this has happened to me as a reader. The first time was a woman who had asked about the two men in her life. According to the cards the first man, her ex- husband, would remain a part of her life. She came back a few years later and told me her relationship had been horrible. It had a very bad ending, she told me, and yet the cards had made it look like roses in the sky! So, I asked her where her ex-husband is now.  She told me they were friends. She explained how he was still in her life. The cards had depicted a calmness and that they would remain in each other’s life, which had proven to be true, but not in the romantic way she had expected!

In my second example, a friend’s dad was dying of terminal cancer. The cards showed a beautiful, calm outcome, and that is all I can say, but she later contacted me telling me he had died. So, why is it the cards had seemed to deceive us?  Sometimes, more information hides behind messages of calmness, and the peacefulness. In this case, it represented my friend’s father’s peace after death. The cards don’t always offer us quick fixes and answers, but rather patterns into our psyche.

So, the cards do not lie. Sometimes the cards tell us a story and we have to read the storyline and pay attention to how that story is laid out through patterns in the cards, noting themes of color and contrast throughout. When we read for others, the pictures tell the story and in these examples it showed how the lady and her ex-husband’s relationship would grow and mature despite a very bad ending. The peacefulness in the cards can depict how you the querant deal with stress and despite chaos how you cope during a crisis.

Sometimes the cards simply don’t want you to know things yet. Maybe you’re not ready to hear the answer yet! Some things in life require a process and contemplation and not a quick answer. That’s why it’s called the fools journey. Sometimes, we need to figure things out for ourselves.

Long lived patterns and themes appear throughout our entire lives, living out in the cards, how we react to life’s circumstances. Themes repeating over and over again. Until we figure it out! An “Aha!” moment just waiting to happen. If we pay attention to these patterns, in every situation we gain valuable knowledge into the deepest part of ourselves, allowing our self to grow, and really understand the depth of our emotion, the problems that play out in our lives and how it plays a part in a reading.

Therefore, gaining insight into our deepest self as we get through this thing called life.

Thanks for reading

Erin L – 500224


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