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Why Are They "My Type"?

Why Are They "My Type"?

It is a very strange time we live in and it accentuates any emotions that we have pushed down and ignored. This makes life difficult on more than one level. We all have emotions we are not fully aware of. On one level you may be aware, but all of us have emotions running wild inside which we are only slightly aware of, if at all. These emotions are the dangerous ones, the ones that push us to the edge without us knowing or understanding why. Usually this means that we make decisions and reactions without understanding the implications and the energy behind those decisions and actions. It is hard to be cool, calm and collected most of the time, never mind all of the time, so we should allow ourselves some space to feel unbalanced and not worry too much when we feel we are going in the wrong direction. It’s quite normal to feel upset, feel angry or feel hurt. It is perfectly okay to have mixed emotions, especially when they have been impacted by someone who has not acted or responded in the way we expected them to. It hits even harder when we have put effort, thought and love into the situation and relationship.

It is hard, but the way to get through is to allow ourselves to feel whatever we are feeling and validate those feelings, but on one level we need to be absolutely aware that eventually, the emotions will change, we will feel differently towards the situation and in time, we will let go.

The key is to see where we went wrong in the first place, so that we don’t go blindly from place to place, situation to situation, without being completely aware that we have not only created the energy there but have encouraged and invited it through allowing our past emotions. By failing to deal with emotions, we have allowed and welcomed the bad relationships and situations into our lives.

So time to wake up! Be honest. Change things. We can never understand or be responsible for someone else's reactions; only they can take care of this for themselves. So we must put down our limits both for ourselves and others if we want to change. We can create better relationships, better emotions, better boundaries, better knowledge of what we accept or not.

Everyone is attracted to a “type” on the physical, emotional, and mental level. If you look back over the people you have had relationships with, you will see there is a thread running through them. Is this thread giving you something good, nourishing and healthy, or does it bring pain, anguish and ill-health? Deep down you know the truth. You may not have given yourself a hard honest look at why you are attracted to these types, but if you ever want it to change then this needs looking into and deciding whether these traits are unacceptable to you. Then you can start from the very beginning of relationships to see that they are not as you imagine they are: Then you have the tools and power to fix and change, or accept and grow. This is a choice when you are aware. When you are not aware, you do not give yourself a choice.

So before you jump into anything further, decide what you will give, what you will accept and where you will say stop, but beyond all else be honest about yourself, what you want, what is acceptable and use your voice to say so out loud, right at the beginning.There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Thank you for reading,

Fiona S – PIN 600705

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