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When A Person You Love Should Come Back To You

I am sure many of you may have heard that there are many reasons a person may have come into our life, whether a relationship or a friendship, as they say, for a reason, a season or for a lifetime.

However, sometimes relationships and friendships come to an end which can be painful for either both parties or the party whom is left holding the emotional chord, whom still cares or loves the other person.

A person may enter our life and in turn we may at the same time be helping them on their pathway, whether emotionally, physically, psychologically, or socially to move on but we may not know it at that time; sometimes relationships come to a natural ending too and the person may have then outgrown the relationship, notice I said outgrown because they have moved on, they are not the person whom they were when they entered the relationship.  Now this may be in part down to all the love, support, guidance, help they have been given along their pathway, and you may think, well how does that help me!! Good question, however like a flower, you cannot stunt growth, it needs to grow and expand and with help it goes on to do so.
You can take some comfort in the fact that you have helped them on their pathway in life, just like you have been helped by others and have grown; you have combatted things which seemed like obstacles and now things may be more about opportunities.
However, if a LOVE is meant to be RE-IGNITED or REACQUAINTED it will be and I believe fate plays a part.  There is no such thing as coincidence I believe, synchronicity yes, things happen for a reason however we may not know it at that specific point in time.

If you keep a flower, take it put it in a dim lit area, no sunshine it cannot grow or flowers expand it wilts and dies.  Just like a person whom is unhappy in a relationship, the relationship by comparison can become stifled, one sided, the person may fall out of love with the other person, still care, but not necessarily in love with them, the passion withdraws and more so it can become either one sided or a friendship, they may not even like the person they have become and wilt like the flower analogy.
One I believe has to let the person go, if they leave and they come back to you, they will do so, free of their own free choice, no ties, just like you have free will to accept them or not.  Is it not then meant for them to return or not?  It is not necessarily within timeframes you think within, in fact in may be far out of that, things happen when you least expect it; however, we are so determined within our own minds it has to be within this period of time or it’s over.  However, when is love really over? Loving someone if you really do is not ever over when you truly love them, but you learn to adapt and live with it do you not?  the pain, the grief, the acceptance….. just like when you lose a loved one in physicality ……. the pain, the grief, the acceptance …… except their physical bodies are gone forever…….but loved ones are still around us and we know there is the possibility of them and love returning to us.

Here is a true scenario, a person I know never married the person, had a child to them, never saw them just seeing them 3 times throughout the child’s life, they lived the other side of the country, no contact.  Yet circa 23 years later they met, one gone through a divorce, the other going through one, they got engaged, then married, moved away together and their lives took a completely different turn, then unfortunately 16 years later one of the couple died, but they lived a life they had hoped to live together when they were in their teens but never materialised due to circumstances until they first married 23 years or so later.
So as you can see from the above, if it is meant, it will happen but not in our timescales but when it is meant to happen, call it `Divine Intervention’.

It can happen in a day, a week, month, year, years or least of all when you expect it.
When 2 Souls touch as 1 they will always be connected on both sides of life.
Angelic Light

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