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What Is Psychometry?


This is not used every day when we read, as it is a form of divination using touch to connect with the energy field of an object. In this way a reader can ‘read’ the object and any impressions left on the item. 

Such impressions can include a connection with any spirits attached to the item, such as owners from times gone by.  They can be ‘residual spirits’ who are connected to the item, or they can be connected with through mediumship, where the spirit world is contacted by using the item as a conduit, but the spirit doesn’t reside within the object.

Most think psychometry only works with small objects we can touch like rings or keys, but this is not the case.  You have probably used it and not even realised! Ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable and something was ‘off’ about the room?  You may not know what is off about that room but using some kind of sixth sense you are aware that something is different. The room is the object, you are reading the room. Your whole body is your hand and you read the whole room with your body. In my other blogs I’ve discussed the phenomenon known as ‘psychic imprinting.’ This is a classic example of using psychometry to read a psychic imprint. Everything is energy and can be connected to.

For many people, psychometry is one of the basic, fundamental tools of being a reader; some are gifted naturally and others find it takes time to master, but the only way to know is to try. A few years ago a friend of mine moved house. The house was approximately 40 years old.  We sat at her kitchen table and she handed me the keys and simply said ‘tell me about the keys’.  I did not know they were her keys as there were a number of us there.  Immediately I saw a staircase and a lady laid at the bottom of the stairs, as if she had fallen down them. I then saw a fire, a huge house fire and sadly a feeling that the lady I had seen in my vision had passed to spirit.

A few months later, my friend found out that the events I had seen had indeed happened in that very house, sometime before she moved to the area. To say we were both amazed would be an understatement. This is just one example of what you can get simply from holding an object. During my career as a psychic I’ve heard many more stories and had many similar experiences.

If you’d like to learn to unlock the powers of psychometry, try this group exercise as an introduction. In a group of your friends or fellow seekers, sit in a circle around a bowl. Each person in the group must put an item into the bowl, without the other members of the group seeing what item they placed. Then, cover the bowl so the objects cannot be seen. Each person must then take an item out of the bowl (not their own item) and hold it. Extend those senses so you feel the energy of the item you are holding and let the picture build up in your mind’s eye.  Don’t rush it; just let the memories of the item keep coming until nothing else comes forward. Then, share with the group what you saw and felt and see how much of your vision the owner of the item recognises!

It’s not for everyone but it does help with honing the skills and can be really interesting.

Love to all

Shelly - 600333


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