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Over The Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

Dear readers, it is now time to get to the “Other Side of the Rainbow.” What do you feel, if anything, when you see a rainbow? There are beautiful colours of course and most of us feel an affinity with at least one of the colours. When I see a rainbow I see a portal to another dimension. It is like the powers that be are combined with nature to give us a taste of another world, one outside of our normal, everyday lives.

It is interesting to note that a rainbow forms after or during a rain shower, sunlight combines with the water to form these beautiful bridges. Many people see a rainbow as a sign of good fortune and I agree with them. A rainbow is a portal to hope. Hope is something that we can choose to feel. I would like to share a story with you that illustrate how the series of events in our lives can appear part of a cycle.

There was a farmer in ancient times, he and his family were poor and worked hard for a living. One year, his crops grew, plentiful and healthy and the villagers came and said “what good luck”. The Farmer replied “maybe”. That night, a herd of wild horses broke into his fields and trampled all of the crops and ate most of it. The villagers came to him and said “what bad luck” he replied again, “maybe”. He and his son were able to capture some of the horses which were valuable, were beautiful and worth a lot of money, when the villagers heard they said “what good luck”. While attempting to break them in, his son was thrown off a particularly wild stallion and he broke his leg. When they heard the villages said “what bad luck”. The next day, the Emperor sent his soldiers out to recruit young men to join the army, they did not take the farmer's son who’s leg had been broken and of course, the villagers said “what good luck” and the farmer just smiled saying “maybe”. When we are faced with a series of unfortunate events, there is a temptation to feel we are being punished. By developing a positive belief in hope, we can choose to view our lives as learning curves, rather than as punishments. The tarot card the Wheel of Fortune calls for the constant turning of events, the wheel is always moving continually from up to down; it speaks of the law of karma and of rewards for us in this life but also advises us to know that the wheel will always turn and good fortune will seem as if it has left us at times, until it spins again and we rise. My advice is always to get to the centre of the wheel, to observe events and to choose how you not only feel about them but how you respond. What we believe about ourselves and our lives is very powerful. Good fortune will come to you when and IF you choose it.

Try this meditation for at least seven days. Allow yourself to feel exactly what you feel, whether you judge the feeling to be good or bad. Picture a rainbow in your mind and be aware of the colours. Choose a colour and as you focus on that, the rainbow transforms into a bridge. You are able to walk slowly and calmly over this bridge and as you walk you breathe in this colour until your whole body is filled with it. As you breathe out, slowly release any unwanted feelings, just allow the breath to take them away. Continue imagining yourself walking across the rainbow bridge and gradually you will feel another colour coming up for you. When you first do this, I suggest that you choose orange as it is warming and a beautiful colour of hope and creativity. The colour orange can help to solve problems with creative insights. Cross the bridge to the other side, feel your mind and your life expanding, allowing space for more happiness, peace and anything you desire to come in now and sit and rest. Over time you can add to this meditation, you can decide if you want a spirit guide, mentor or power animal to accompany you. Sometimes, it can feel as if our lives are filled with problems, hurdles or events that overwhelm us. We have all faced uncertain times. It seems that there are so many demands on us these days, so many pressures. Some of these in my own case have been caused by my drivers, to be the “perfect” mother, to have the cleanest home, be the perfect size and shape, to make important decisions that make everyone happy, the list is endless. When you stop and witness your thoughts, feelings and listen to the messages your body is sending, you may find a repeating pattern that you’ve had for some while.

When you are aware AND ready, know that you can change these. Instead of pushing against the river's current, why not flow? We live in uncertain times but then, haven’t we always? The Tarot contains many different major Arcana and the Star card, the card of Hope waits there for all of us.

Thanks for reading,

Joanna O - 600857

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