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What Is A Psychic?

The word 'Psychic' is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘of the soul’. Many misunderstand psychic's either thinking that it is either nonsense or Hoodoo. Both are incorrect. It is a natural aspect of life, which is commonly found in the animal kingdom. Many creatures from the animal kingdom use what we may term as a six sense to guide them through life. Following migration routes or sensing changes in the weather before they happen are just minor examples.

These aspects are also very much a part of human beings. The biggest issue is that many of us have lost our connection with nature. As a result our own natural senses have become dulled or we have become confused by it. Resulting in over complexed lives, mental illnesses and in extreme cases paranormal activities. We all have natural abilities that are often untapped. Now the degree of ability varies from person to person. You could equate it to mathematical ability, everyone has some. Some can add one and one to get two whilst others can do quantum physics. Similarly psychic abilities vary.

Not everyone is interested or even wants to develop. It is personal choice like everything else in life. Some speak of angels, others of god, the Great Spirit or even aliens. Perhaps all are true, perhaps not, it is ultimately your decision what to believe and what to dis regard. All that can be said in all honesty is that if there is a higher side, a side that is a part of life that is just beyond ourselves, a greater purpose, we would only understand it in relation to our own personal experience, as such it can and does differ from person to person.

This is merely a quick introduction and for those who are curious there are many gems of wisdom to be found. A warning though as there is just as many false truths to be found as well. As such the first point of call is to understand your own point of view and be able to speak it without fear. Those with secrets should ask themselves why they have secrets and what is about their own lives they need to change to improve their own wellbeing. As having things in life which you cannot openly discuss without fear does corrupt you intuition and perspective.

So in answer to the question what is a psychic? A psychic is a human being who has chosen to follow their intuition, and follow a simpler more natural way of life, this does not mean that they have an easier life, it merely means they have found something other than the mundane to believe in and for some a higher calling.

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