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Discovering Your Inner Self

There is an old proverb, 'There are many paths up the mountain, the view from the top is the same.'
Originally science, philosophy, even religion were the same topic, a search for inner knowledge and truth.  There is no fixed path along this journey and some may find they already just know, for others this path is a little more difficult.
I would encourage people to explore the many options available, with the understanding that we are all individuals and unique.  Some may choose psychology, some religion, others more obtuse methods such as astrology or numerology to discover details about who they are and where they fit in, in this life time.
For those choosing the more esoteric arts such as astrology, numerology, tarot and even angel cards will find that they are all interlinked.  They share meaning and ultimately cross over in meaning with each other.  
Those that choose psychology will find that it has an ultimate self-realisation prophesy, through studying others you are actually learning about yourself.  Similarly those who go down the route of counselling others must first be counselled before they can help others; as before you can heal others you must first have healed yourself. 
In the majority of ancient texts regarding religion, spirituality and understanding of god, one of the first tenements is ‘know thy self’.  Socrates explained it ultimately as a search for happiness.
In life before we can deal with a problem, we must first recognise it.  Similarly when looking at yourself you must first accept who you are and only then, can you make a difference.
It’s important to understand first and foremost, that we are all human beings or human animals as I prefer to call us.  We share the capacity for love, hate, joy and pain. It's these things that shape our lives. We are also the off springs of our parents and as such we share their traits and abilities. Karma, or cause and effect depending on the term you prefer, is also unavoidable in life.  In that respect everyone is the same.
Secondly each and every one of us is unique; all of the above affect us in different ways, through different experiences and our different combinations of abilities.  As Dr Seuss put it in the children’s book Cat in the Hat, 'There is no body you're than you.'
Understanding the first point, is key to understanding the second. No human being is meant to be alone, as it is through interaction with each other that we form an idea of who we are and what our place in life is. It is through sharing our experiences that we make friends, form partnerships and develop emotional understanding of ourselves. When we experience trauma we seek out others who have experienced similar trauma to enable us to come to terms with ourselves and events. It is through this interaction that we form both long term and short term friendships, partnerships and even the groups we join.  It is all a part of our human experience, our need for acceptance and to belong and to feel happy with whom we are.  In that respect we are all the same.
If a person does not seek others this leads to health issues, be they physical, emotional or mental. Occasionally, people prefer to form relationships with animals, ie, the local crazy cat or dog lady. This is fine, although as we base our relationships on what we have in common, such people often find it harder to form deeper meaningful relationships with other people.
How does knowing this help you find the inner you?  In truth only you can answer that.   Ask yourself, are you angry and upset with yourself and life or are you content? Do you hold a grudge against another or let it go and move forward? Do you love and accept yourself and your family? Do you forgive others and yourself? Are you living life using your abilities to their best advantage? Do you know how unique you are, and uniquely skilled you are to lead your life? Are you a victim or victorious?
For some these questions may be difficult, for myself they were, my mother gave me up when I was 5, my relationship with my father was tenuous to say the least. Still everyone, is the way they are for a reason. You can play the blame game or take responsibility for your own life. In truth life isn’t always easy, it takes courage and facing the truth can sometimes be hard. 
Many things depend on your perspective, how you choose to look at things, you can’t live in the past, only the present, you can learn from it if you are willing to change, or you can repeat the same karmic cycles.
In life you will find those that encourage and support you, let go of those that don’t.  Don’t let negative feelings dim your light, as doing so often leads to a downwards spiral.  Karma, cause and affect are your own creation and is also often generational.  
Remember, you are truly in charge of your life, and your attitude towards it is the major factor in success or failure.
Ultimately show compassion to yourself and others. Know that even though you are unique, so is everyone else. We are all leading our lives in the pursuit of happiness.
Acceptance, letting go and forgiveness are three things that every human beings has to deal with at some point in life’s journey. How easy or hard that is from this day forth, is down to you and the changes you make.
Chris Aldous

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