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Fifty shades of Orange (a modern day fairy-tale)

Back in 1994 before Facebook and the sharing of social media, on the 27th of August one of my dearest friends attended my wedding accompanied by her family which included a beautiful little girl in a floral outfit.  That little girl grew into a beautiful young woman who is like a niece to me.  A few years back whilst she was in relationship, I noticed a young man, and I did not know liking one of her comments. Now as said she is a beautiful young woman, with loads of friends, both male and female and normally I wouldn’t even notice who liked her posts. It wasn’t a particularly memorable post, just another example of daily social media sharing, but for some reason it grabbed my attention, to the point of me asking her who he was and telling her that he was drawn to her, which gave her a giggle but wasn’t taken seriously.

Fast forward to the following year and during a colour reading my niece was drawn to orange, I was intrigued as her relationship had ended and being drawn to orange was a good sign, and boy was it a good sign, the moment I linked in with her energy I couldn’t fail but feel the sizzle of passion.  Feeling a little intrusive I tried to word my reply as subtly as I could, but honestly we were talking fifty shades of Orange.  To which she replied by asking me if remembered the boy I had pointed out and explaining that they had just enjoyed a first date together.  It has been lovely to watch them progress and navigate the twisting paths of a new relationship as the two blends to become one.  The excitement of first holidays, celebrating their first year together, and buying their first home together.

Yesterday whilst out celebrating my own anniversary I came across a beautiful butterfly and felt compelled to photograph it, as it felt like a sign of something miraculous.  When I got home I had loads of photographs but felt too exhausted to upload them, but again I felt compelled to share this one single photo. I shared it on my page with no caption, because I didn’t have one. It felt almost as if I was reading a book and was waiting to turn the page.  Earlier today, I received the message from my niece informing me that he’d proposed to her yesterday, along with a photo of the beautiful ring upon her finger.  I really couldn’t be happier, the beautiful little girl who attended my wedding was proposed to on my anniversary twenty three years on. I know he is the man for her, as I felt his love that first time when they were not even connected. I have not met him, as I had already moved North by the time he came into her life as a kid on her estate where she grew up, hence her giggles when I had told her. And the orange butterfly, I believe is a sign for her that it is time to accept her orange wings and to soar! 

As a psychic there are three things I would like to end with and that is 1) that you should always keep an eye out for signs as they are brought in around you. 2) never be afraid to listen to your inner voice.  And perhaps most importantly 3) never under estimate the power of orange energy when it comes to love and passion!



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