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Communications are so much more than voices. Big parts of communications are non verbal cues. The tone and sound of the voice, the unspoken feelings and the key words we choose that trigger different emotional states.

There are many ways of saying "This man will leave you in the future."

That immediately brings up issues of abandonment."There may be, in the future, a time when you will both want to go your own ways because you honour the spaces between and that's ok you feel good about that." The delivery and words that are used to deliver a truth can vary and make the difference between a client bursting into tears or smiling with delight. When we use crystal healing and other methods of vibration energy healing people can feel immediately relaxed and receptive to what you say and vibration ally lift out of the doldrums. A voice that travels up rather than falls flat and down has an immediate uplifting effect rather than flattening.
Awareness is the key to understanding others and empathy to their condition or situation.
Using positive uplifting words is far better than negative words. All of these cues are invisible yet make an enormous difference to communications.

Speaking clearly and from the heart make a difference and breathing into the heart makes for heartfelt communications.
You can improve your voice by practising and singing and using sounds that are uplifting and lyrical. Let it flow Mantras and chanting or omming is a good medicine Buddha healing for the voice too...Speak clearly and concisely and  make a point of contact that is warming and relates to the other person.Pay compliments that are genuine and based on observations.

All of these factors enhance communications

A deep husky voice can sound sexy...a lyrical voice can sound magical and inspirational a high screechy voice sounds unbalanced and shrewish. Of course the biggest part of communications is visual and face to face but when you don't have that you must relate to the next most important which is non verbal and tonal. Increasing these factors increases communications to a good flow.

Have you ever really listened to your voice as a recording? You will notice it sounds different to you than it does to others. This is how others hear you. If you don't like it then maybe change a few things. Practice.

Look after your voice with good lozenges or essential oils such as eucalyptus and lemon sage tea is good as is mint tea. Mint opens the communication centres.

Visualize blue light around the throat chakra and heart chakra .Wear crystals that assist in communications and sound healing and cleanse them. Lapis Lazuli is good as are different blue gems and crystals like blue sodalite or celestite.
Be the best you can be and use your voice to your advantage to help yourself and others. Communications in all its facets is the key to human understanding.

Have a very good day.
Let Love Light Your Way.
For further assistance on communications and assistance on all matters give Crystal Rose a call. For a truly inspirational reading that will amaze and delight you.

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