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Visions, Thoughts and Psychic Impressions

Visions, Thoughts and Psychic Impressions

 Is it a Psychic Impression?  A Vision? Or  simply wishful thinking? I often get asked how do I know the difference between a psychic impression, a vision, or my own thoughts.

A vision is absolutely clear, even down to the smallest of details. Words that are spoken WILL be spoken; actions that are seen WILL take place. The only thing in a vision that changes is that I see the event occur bathed in brilliant white light, but in reality this may not happen: the events I see can even take place at night. The white light was explained to me like this: Because we work in the light, because we come from a good place, not from a negative dark place, our visions have this light in them. Normally these visions will play out within days when I see them. You can have visions in a deep meditation or a dream, but unlike a psychic dream, a vision in a dream has no ambiguity.

If you believe you have had a vision and it involves someone else, it’s been shown to you for you to decide what to do with that information.  Sometimes it is to prepare us for something, other times it is to comfort us. At times it is given so something can be prevented. You will have to decide if you do anything with the vision. It is worth making a note of the visions and you will know it is a vision as you will remember every exact detail. You will have no trouble remembering it.

So what’s a psychic impression? Most of us will have experienced at least one of these.  Those that work in this field will get them all the time and it becomes a part of everyday life. These will come in a moment, totally out of the blue with no other thought connected to them.  They can be totally random and can be a fleeting thought or a nagging persistent thought that keeps coming in randomly. You may see in your mind’s eye your friend upset, to later find out that she was upset that day. You may decide in a moment to alter plans to then find out later that by altering your plans you managed to help someone. Never disregard a random thought and as an exercise, if you have time to do this, jot down that random thought in a notebook and then see how long it takes to make sense of it. 

The above two should help you identify what is a vision, and what is a psychic impression.

Our own thoughts are totally different to the above and normally there is a connection to the thought, for example, you may see someone who reminds you of a friend and then remember your friend, then remember the lover you found through the friend and so on and so forth. These thoughts are clearly your own as you can link the thought to the thing that triggered a thought response.

If you start to make a record of the visions you have, or even the just the spontaneous thoughts, you will soon start to realise what is worth taking action on. It is important to be able to see the differences between each so you can dismiss the thoughts as just that, thoughts.

I hope this short article makes sense of the differences and helps you identify things of note.


Shelly x

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