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Valentine's Day - Seeking Love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love seems to be on your mind more than usual.  For some, love is in the air.  For many, you are wondering will I meet the right person or is this the right person or will he/ she reconnect?   We tend to rewrite the relationship when we break up, a lot of times we imagine mostly the good and wonder will we reconnect.   Other times we remember nothing good and create negativity in our perception which can spill over into current situations and connections. 

Either way it is important to acknowledge the power the mind has in attracting positive and negative scenarios to us in our lives.  This affects all that we do and can make or break us in life.  “ If you think it, it will be”.    So, be aware of what it is you really want and focus on that in a positive way.  By the same token, try not to dwell or focus on the negative things and situations you have encountered as you may draw more negativity to you.  Think of it like a magnet,  and you are drawing the strongest of the energy you are emitting toward you. 

Be honest with yourself about the breakup and don’t wish for a reconnection of a situation that is still the same as it was when you left it.  Unless, something has changed for you or the other person, most likely you are wishing for the negative cycle to start again.

Love and happiness is manifesting as you envision it!  Be careful what you wish for as you may get your wish!

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