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How My Spirit Guide Found Me

Throughout my life, like most of us, with or without psychic abilities, I have had many vivid dreams. The most evocative being the one I shall tell you about in this blog. It was extraordinary in so many ways and has been priceless in helping me with my work as a spiritual healer. 

It was back in the 70s and I was around fifteen or sixteen at the time and although I was by this stage already notorious for my prophecies, I hadn't yet started doing readings or practising my gift on a regular basis. The dream was striking firstly as the format was unique in that I was watching myself in the dream, much like an 'out of body experience.' I was being guided by a female voice coming from the sky, but I was aware she was speaking only to me. 

I was awoken from my bed by the voice and told I was going on a journey. The next thing I knew I was in the seaside village of South Queensferry. It's very distinctive and has changed very little over the centuries, so I was immediately aware of where I was, despite until the dream, never having visited or been particularly interested in the place. 

I saw myself walking down the bustling cobbled high street, looking somewhat conspicuous amongst the nineteenth century locals in my bright purple flares and colour-block sweater! I wandered down to the pier and watched as the men unloaded wooden crates brimming with fish from the old fishing boats as the gulls squawked overhead. The men went about their business with songs and laughter so it was clear by this stage that I was invisible to the people in the dream, all except one. 

The voice then spoke again and instructed me to look up to my right. I stared up and saw an immense iron structure towering over me. My guide informed me that this was the Forth Railway Bridge in the early years of its construction. She instructed me to look up and upon closer inspection, I saw dozens men and boys working high up on the girders, leaning over precariously as they hammered in the scorching rivets with nothing but fresh air between them and the perilous water of the North Sea. 

I was struck by how young some of them were and I pointed this out to my guide. She replied "Indeed, many young lives were lost and the youngest of those who perished was young Davie here. He's only thirteen years old, I'd like you to meet him" In front of me stood a rather forlorn looking young boy wearing tattered, ill-fitting clothes and a flat cap. Unlike the other people in the dream the boy looked straight at me and as our eyes met he proclaimed in a shy voice "I used to work on the new bridge before I fell off, hit my head and landed in the water... Now I'm dead"

I distinctly remember, rather than being fearful, I was struck by a sudden urge to comfort this lost child. I reached out my hand to place it on his shoulder but all I felt was an icy cold draught and it was clear he was an apparition. 

I don’t quite remember what I said or did next however the voice said she was taking me back and I suspect I offered some sort of protestation as I can still hear her words "Don't worry, you'll meet David again one day."

I woke up and was aware I had been dreaming, nothing else seemed unusual at the time other than my right hand was unusually cold and stayed so for a good few hours. 

I told my family about the dream and my mother, a renowned psychic herself, was fascinated as she had listened to hundreds of dreams during her years of doing readings but could not, despite her best effort, work out what the message was. 

The years passed by and although I continued to develop my psychic ability, I barely gave the dream a thought. That is, until one crisp, clear September morning I was on the train on my way to visit an elderly relative in the north of Scotland. I was casually chatting to a friendly gentleman across the table from me and naturally, as we crossed the bridge, which cut a magnificent spectacle with its harsh burgundy frame silhouetted against the soft autumn sunlight, we both marvelled at its splendour. My fellow passenger, it turned out, had worked as a tour guide as a student and went into his spiel about the history, the physics and the statistics of the bridge. I must confess I was only half listening as I gazed out over the sea until he said... 

"Many lives were lost building it, the youngest, a rivet boy, was only thirteen years old when he fell to his death..."

I gasped. The colour drained out of my cheeks as the details of the dream came flooding back. I excitedly told him all about it and pressed him for more information. He confessed he couldn’t tell me much more however he too was fascinated by this seemingly bizarre phantasm! As a result, we exchanged telephone numbers and he assured me he'd find out more information on the subject from a friend who was a retired history lecturer, and would be in touch in due course.

True to his word, I received a phone call a couple of weeks later. It transpired that the young boy had sadly been killed when he was working on the south side of the bridge, he fell about a hundred  feet, striking his head on a piece of iron on the way down. His small body was fished out the water later that day. 

"I don't suppose you asked his name?"

"Actually I did, he was called David Clarke"

By this time I had already felt this was communication from the spirit world, so wasn’t in the least bit surprised when I heard his name was David. It was the confirmation I needed that this was indeed the young boy I had encountered at the quayside all these years ago. I had connected with a couple of spirits previously but none by way of a dream.

I reached out to David again in a séance a few months later. He came forward instantly and he's been a loyal work colleague ever since! Those of you who have regular readings from me will know I call on him whenever I seek clarity on an issue or whenever I'm unable to pick up on a subjects true intentions.

The gentleman I met on the train has requested to remain nameless however he went on to have a reading of his own and forty years later, he remains a regular client.

Give me a call and if you're lucky, David might pop in and say hello!

Love and light, Maggie

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