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Honouring Your Higher Self

We were all given a sense of intuition, a chosen awareness or rejection.  How many times have we ignored the gut feeling that something was wrong? Minimizing and justifying reasons to somehow rationalize an unhealthy situation. This is called “going against your higher self of knowing”. We have all been there; this does not make you weak nor any less of a person.

When we place ourselves in self awareness, we can then ask ourselves “why are we living in sacrifice?” The most common response is fear based. We are avoiding the truth of our pain instead of facing it head on. Avoidance is a protection mechanism, “perhaps if I ignore the issue, it will manifest into something positive or go away”. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. I mean, wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk away from emotional pain without feeling any emotional discomfort?  This is not possible and the sooner we realize this, the quicker we are to accepting the things we cannot change and changing the things we can.

In comparison, would you let a wound fester if you had the aid to fix it?  The answer is obviously no, you would not neglect treatment. Our emotions work the same way. If we do not deal with our emotional pain, whether past or present, we will not manifest what we need to be innately whole. I challenge you to re-evaluate the times you ignored your intuition, now recognize why you chose to go against your wisdom.

There are two feelings that come with our intuition, “do not proceed any further or continue with confidence”. We cannot abandon ourselves in time of need and be rewarded, we are only adding more layers of emotional pain each time we do. Now we are in a position of heavy burden, the weight has become too much to carry. How do we release the emotional discomfort that is weighing us down? By accepting we are only human and removing self blame. Recognizing you didn’t get here over night and giving yourself the time needed to heal.

Honouring yourself by realizing it takes a strong person to face something so painful. Loving the places in you, that has made you feel abandoned by others.  Showing up for yourself and seeing your worth and by protecting your peace by accepting the warning signs before they cause damage. Fear is something we all must face at some point, no matter what the situation may be. Allowing yourself to recognize the intensities behind this fear based belief, so you’re able to defuse a situation with a solution or the acceptance to move past it.

Either way it’s there and it’s not going away. We can now choose the best way to resolve our fury.  With eyes wide open we fight to conquer, the right to find peace.

The Mantra

“From my innate wholeness to your innate wholeness, from the best parts in me to the best parts in you, whatever we need in this moment is provided come into the oneness with me”.

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