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The Wonder Of You

The Wonder Of You

Have you ever truly looked at yourself, I mean truly and seen the Wonder of You?

Not in the sense in the way you are dressed, what you have accomplished, or achieved although that may be something great a milestone accomplished which is something to be Congratulated on; I mean you `THE REAL YOU’, that lies within, not a physical person whom has been socialised and likes to be recognised for what they have achieved, whom takes on labels which have become part of them quite innocently such as, disability, troublemaker, high roller, dynamic, always looking for love, hard worker, tall, little, slim, big, whatever the label is this is part of what society and inclusion of society has now in turn possibly labelled the person; the label sometimes becomes part of our internal world, sometimes we believe it, sometimes we don’t, people refer to it; also can give us nicknames, which we may try to get away from as we don’t like, but can still persist, even in this time of political correctness.  Is this is the false representation of whom you really are?  this is not you, this is the label, the coat others place upon you and in turn you can place upon yourself, during socialisation and in turn you do this to others, part of the socialisation process since time from childhood quite innocently.

However, here it is the TRUE YOU, is QUITE WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, you would be amazed at the Wonder of you!!  Your true essence I believe is Spirit first whom we have the physical body on loan, to accomplish what we have come to the earth plane to do, our soul journey.  Our spirit, shines so brightly, the ambiance is beautiful, is gentle, loving, nurturing to itself, others, kind, and there is no separation as we are all connected as we are energy as discussed before.  However, how often do you look at yourself and consider yourself to be truly beautiful, of heart and soul, which you are. We all have lessons in life from which we learn from and I believe that is part of our path, but our light I believe does not dim, our spirit remains as it always has divine.  You are divine.  So remember, next time when you look at yourself, whether it be in the mirror, or not, remember whom you really are, NOT that person whom stands there in the physical, dressed and ready to do what they do, you are not a mechanical object, you have a heart and soul, you are spirit.  The beauty is within not outside of you, the Universe is within and not outside of you.  Learn to love yourself, give yourself that tender loving care, nurture, time, and connect with whom you are not the person you have become or the person people expect you to be.  Remember you are Unique, beautiful and your beauty shines from within.

So remember the Wonder of You.



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