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The Unexplained - Out Of Body Experience

This is Manuela, and I would like to share one of my unexplained story (I have many of them) my out of body experience. About 17 years ago I was in fashion industry manufacturing children’s clothing then I left my ex partner and got very ill. I had a tumour in my thyroids and I need an urgent operation .Before the operation I had a psychic woman coming to my work place every day telling to my friend that I need operation urgently. The night before the operation the same woman knocked on my door and give me a picture of the Angel with my two children. She said that this picture was passed on to her from her grandmother and she has been told to give to somebody that really is going to need it, and today she got a message that it was me that really need it. She told me to put in my kids bedroom while I was in hospital. So I did, I had two boys 9 months old and 2 year old. In the operating theatre I only came out of the body for couple of seconds, I was up on the ceiling watching the surgeon operating on me I was confused I didn’t understand what was going on.

When I was in intensive care after operation I remember I felt this suction pulling me, but it felt good. I wasn’t scared I remember my thoughts, I said to myself “ I am going now “ I felt peace like you cannot imagine here on earth, I saw a light and the deeper I was flying the more peace I felt. It was an amazing feeling, there was no memory of anything or anybody else but me and total peace. Suddenly I heard a woman’s voice telling me that I must go back I still have a lot of work to do , I didn’t want to go back, I don’t think anybody would. But then I suddenly heard my kid’s voices and that’s when I said I must go back. I remember now this feeling of fighting for breath. I saw my father crying and doctors running in the room, I found myself in bed and a strange thing brought my attention, which was a clock on the wall on front of me that was upside down the numbers where upside down. The was the tap on my shoulder and a woman’s voice again said it’s ok you can go to sleep now.

Sometimes in the middle of night I was woken up twice by the beautiful woman I thought was nurse .She was sitting on my bed she had beautiful blond golden colour long hair and sparkling blue eyes , she would tap on my hand as I open my eyes she would say it’s ok I am just making sure you are not going too far. That happen twice ,so when I really woke up I call the nurse she came in and it was different nurse, I ask her where is the nurse that was sitting on my bed ? She give a weird look and said “ I am the only one on duty and I don’t have time to sit on your bed “ After that all memory came to me and in the morning the clock on the wall hit me it wasn’t upside down it was just as it supposed to be.

My mother was home with my kids and recalled the moment my father called from hospital and told her that she need to come in it as not look like I am going to make it. Before that phone call my mom said my older son was sleeping and suddenly inhale very deeply as something was worried him. That was the time I heard my kids voices and my kids brought me back. After that I could see and hear Angels clearly and I closed the business and moved home very far different state with my kids and started my healing work. The operation changed my life forever and I am so grateful for it.


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