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The Story Of The 22 Majors In Life

Our story begins with the journey of The Fool. The Fool is man just leaving his homeland to start a new life's journey. Although it just started out as a holiday to Australia, this new life was a total new change in lifestyle and a new environment. The Fool is a very exciting person to be around - lot of fun and you never know what tomorrow is going to be with this gentleman in your life.

Into this story comes The Magician who is still this person with his quick thinking and a way with words, even though English is not his first language. In fact it is his last language. He speaks many other languages but English just a few words.

Met our High Priestess who is living in her Ivory Tower in St. Kilda. She has been studying Tarot and is a practicing her religious beliefs and therefore is living life according. This also means living a celibate life as she is currently an unmarried woman. Recently this lady started TO FEEL - that getting married may be a good idea.

This lady is also the Empress as she is highly artistic and does pastel drawings. She also NUTURES HERSELF as a cooker and sewer as she sews quite a lot of her owns garments. Recently she has considered the possibility of marriage and put out her husband-shopping list to a religious leader who you will meet later in the story.

Into this picture we get The Emperor which is both a situation and an element of a person's personality. We will now give The Fool/Magician gentleman a name. He will be called Jacob. This man EMPOWERS our High Priestess/Empress who we will call Ivy. Ivy now has the belief that she is a smart lady and as a result - Ivy Empowers herself with a new career potential, but starting the study of psychology.

As a situation, it is Ivy's working situation as she is currently working for Department of Defense and works with the Army. Jacob as a personality is also The Emperor as he is old fashioned and likes to be the ruler of his own house and the provider and protector of his women, which include his sister - Yannick, niece - Violet and Ivy.

Our Hierophant is the religious leader who is we will call Father King. Fr.King REGULATES other people's sex lives - what sex life? This man is instrumental in the introduction between our two players in life with the view of marriage. No hanky panky is the religious instructions he gives them as they head off on their 1st date.

The Lovers - is the choice which both parties agreed to marry. Naturally this is supposed to be a committed relationship with the blessing of The Almighty above. They now become Mr. & Mrs. Georgiou.

The Chariot is a situation as Jacob has some difficulty in finding work - he works using The Chariot in the form of truck driving Interstate. He is therefore CONTROLLING - his Chariot by the truck's driving wheel.

Justice is also a situation of where Dept of Immigration are BALANCING the situation and deciding whether or not this person is going to be good for Australia. Jacob is going through the paperwork for Australian residency on the bases of an ongoing marriage to Ivy.

The Hermit is when Ivy is on her own in the flat, whilst does a lot of COMTEMPLATION whilst Jacob is away truck driving. It is a quiet period for Ivy, which she actually enjoys as getting used to be married is not that easy after having lived on her own for a couple of years.

The Wheel of Fortune is when Jacob decided to CREATE HIS OWN OPPORTUNITIES by opening his own business. Jacob came into some money whilst in Queensland. It was this money he used to start the business. He is a bit of a gambler, which his new wife does not know about and does not find out about for many years into the marriage.

Strength is both the physical and mental strength ENDURENCE to run this business. It is also the strength of both partners needs not to lose their tempers with each other.

The Hanged Man is about sacrifice. Jacob is sacrificing his family life back in Greece and is hoping to have a better life here in Australia. Things with the paperwork with the Dept of Immigration are currently at a standstill as they are awaiting paperwork on any possible criminal records to come from overseas. The Georgious has had to SURRENDER the problem to our Creator in Heaven and hope for the best.

Death - Is the actual death of the situation Jacob is TRANSFORMED for being a Foreign National to Australian Residence when Jacob is finally cleared after two years of waiting for the paperwork to be finalized.

Temperance is Jacob INTEGRATION into Australian society and Ivy's patience with the whole deal. Ivy is basically a mild natured person.

The Devil is Jacob himself. In hindsight - Jacob does not have a strong sense of self and as a result can unfortunately been very manipulative with his way of dealings with other people and that includes his wife. He often FEARS the breakdown of this relationship and does not understand what we FEAR we usually bring into our lives in some shape or form.

The Tower is unfortunately the police UNEXPECTEDLY comes to the door of this couple's home one evening. It is then Ivy finds out about $25,000 that Jacob pocketed illegally. Naturally this causes a great upheaval within the marriage.

The Star is wife's optimism that even though she now REALISES that her husband is not a saint but the Devil instead, she is still hopeful that the marriage will survive in spite of having The Tower strike.

The Moon is about DECEPTION that belongs to Jacob. It turns up on the doorstep on The Georgious in the form of another woman coming to the home and declaring herself as one of the many lovers of Jacob. Ivy's self-deception is the belief that any marriage can survive a lack of trust issue.

However a couple of years later from the Moon's dust has settled, the Sun is Ivy's many friends who assist her in showing her sunny side to the world at a later date. Ivy also starts to SHINE in her advance study of psychology with the Applied College of Psychology in Sydney.

Ivy has arrived at this stage through Judgment. This stage was going through self-examination and grief counseling for a couple of years after having lost the marriage and no long having Jacob in her life. Ivy now SEE CLEARLY that there is no shame in being divorced more than once as people are living a lot longer than our parents or grandparents did. As a result there are many people or are married more than once just like Ivy herself.

The World is Ivy's world of living on her own again, and finding FULFILLMENT within herself. In a way Ivy has gone complete circle from Divorced Woman to Married Woman and back unfortunately to Divorced again.

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