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The Stars Impel But Do Not Compel

We are the way we are not by chance, more because that’s how the universe made us out to be, so what do I mean, the universe is not only the stars and the sun and moon, it is also where these stars and planets were placed on the date of your birth.  They have some design in how you will turn out. 

I will use my own chart; I was born 9 am on Thursday on March 25 1965 which makes me an Aries, born under the planet “Mars” Roman name Aries God of War.  A fire sign and not only an Aries but because I was born on a Thursday that is the day of Thor the god of the hammer.  My planet is “Mars” The traits of an Aries are both positive and negative.  I’ll get into that in a minute.  Aries is also a Cardinal sign which means that it has a lot of energy the go getter of the zodiac signs, the one who faces challenges head on rather than running from them.  Cardinal signs are concerned with initiating change and getting things done. Out of all the cardinal signs, Aries are the most vigorous ones who plow forward full steam.

Each zodiac sign also has a natural house; Aries being the first sign has the first house.

This house is where birth, personal appearance, self image, self discovery all reside.

The traits of an Aries are on the positive side, passionate, determination, enthusiastic, loyal, devoted, determined, spiritual always seeking answers, searching for self, loving and competitive.  On the negative Aries can be stubborn, arrogant, hot tempered, judgmental, angers quickly, cruel, hasty and aggressive. Prone to holding on to grudges and unforgiving.

Who we are does not solely depend on our parents, they do have a small part in our journey of self, but a lot of who we are and what makes up our DNA was made up long before we were born, it is determined by our astrological signs.  Aries have a fear of blood; I will not ever have my blood taken, since no one has been able to successfully do this.  Aries are bold and courageous, but they also have fears that can become paralytic.  Don’t get me started when I had a cockroach in my home and I actually had to have a girlfriend on the phone talk me into how to kill it, and that still took half an hour, because I was so afraid.  I actually thought I should move and let the cockroach keep my apartment.  That’s how bad my fear was. Just so you know I did kill it, eventually!      

Now in the dating world, sometimes you have to take into consideration the other person’s sign and I will explain why, as an Aries, it would be unwise for me to date another Aries; one reason is that is too much fire energy!  Also only one of us can be the boss! It ain’t him!  So can you imagine the tug o war with ego’s that other Aries thinking he can outshine me! Not going to happen.  We would both be trying to outdo one another and as competitive as Aries are, and as judgmental as we can be, I can see how we would both be criticizing each other and being sarcastic and just fighting like two war gods! 

So I can honestly say Aries with Aries are not compatible for romance, it's too much fire energy too much cardinal energy and both of us would want to be in charge.  Aries are not known for being submissive.  Now Aries and Gemini, that works, one reason is because Gemini is air energy, and the law of physics, you cannot have fire without air, just like too much  air on the fire and now you have an out of control fire, so with everything there must be balance.

Aries can light a fire up Gemini’s butt and give them that added push that they need to get things done.  Gemini can bring that spiritual energy of Aries under control and reduce their heat by calming them down.  Each one compliments the other one. 

Now one thing that I have learned is the stars may impel, but they do not compel. What this means is although you are more prone to be a certain way, based on the planets and the stars; you can change it if you are not satisfied.  For example, Aries are prone to being very impatient, I am not the exception here, so how I curve that is by placing myself in situations where I have no choice but to have patience.  For example, I am taking an associates degree in Paralegal Studies, I need 60 credits in order to get my associates  degree, I currently have 30 and a associates degree is four semesters, I’m only on my second semester.  Each class has eight lessons, each lesson requires reading assignments.  I am on lesson two of Business Law and I have to read Chapters 5, 7 and 8 plus two presentations, then I can take the exam online.

Now I am almost done with chapter seven, but then I have to begin chapter eight, and that will take me possibly a month, each chapter is divided into sections, and I have to read thoroughly each section and take my notes so I can digest the information.  But what this forces me to that is discipline and patience.  That is what I mean although I am prone to want everything instantly, by studying an hour or two each day and then taking a break I realize that if I read slowly I absorb more information, than if I rush through it and then miss some information.

This is how I teach myself to be patient and focus on the end result, which will be a high grade, something I can be proud of and ultimately a good paying job.  If you are prone to be one way because of your sign, fix it! Remember, you are in charge of your destiny, not the planets or the stars.  The stars impel, but they do not compel”

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