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The Spirit Connection

Have you ever wished that you could talk to Spirit but thought that it was too difficult to do so, that only gifted people had the ability to make the connection? Has it ever occurred to you that you may be one of the gifted people but you just don’t know how to connect yet? Who are the gifted ones anyway, and how did they discover their gift? 
Spirit is all around us, waiting for us to connect so that they can help us. It’s what our Spirit Guides are there for, to help us get the best out of this life. Sadly, the dense energy of this Earth can make it a bit difficult for us to connect; it’s almost as if we forget how to do so as soon as we are born. It’s similar to getting a bad telephone line where you can barely hear the person on the other end and try to piece together what they are saying. What you need to do is learn how to clear the line and keep it clear, and this is something that everyone is capable of doing, although some will be able to do it better than others. It’s like speaking a foreign language, some have a talent for it and others don’t, but we can all learn the words to some extent.
So how do we clear the line? How do we make the connection? 
Belief and Trust are paramount here. Have you ever had a thought pop into your head, a thought completely irrelevant to what you were doing at that time but you registered that thought because it was out of place in your mind? It’s quite possible the thought was a message from Spirit, one of your guides or a loved one in Spirit, trying to connect with you. So, the first thing for you to do in order to improve your Spirit connection is to listen to the thoughts that pop into your head and then Trust that Spirit is calling you. The more you do this the easier your connection will become and, after a while, you will notice these thoughts and they won’t seem out of place any more, you will automatically know that Spirit is calling. It may be helpful for you to write these instances down in a journal to start off with, and then you can look back upon what you have written for verification of the Spirit connection. This, in turn, will help you build the Trust in yourself. 
A more formal way of connecting to Spirit is by focussing your mind. Usually this can be done through meditation, but remember, meditation is not all about sitting in the lotus position chanting ‘om’ (although that is a great way of focussing your mind). There are moving meditations where you go through a series of actions or postures, walking meditations in which you focus on each of your senses whilst taking a walk, singing or chanting meditations, in fact everything can be made into a meditation as long as it helps you to concentrate, and as long as it is something that you are comfortable doing. I have channelled some of my best work from Spirit whilst driving (although I would not recommend you do this, at least not whilst learning to connect). Solving crosswords and puzzles can help you to get in the zone, as can creating art.
At first, while learning to connect to Spirit, I would recommend using some guided meditations which help you to open your mind and let Spirit talk to you freely without your conscious mind getting in the way. A quick look on the internet will show you numerous options for these types of meditation, some of which you may be able to get for free and with immediate download so that you can start practising straight away.
There are other ways to make your connection to Spirit quicker and easier, and I would suggest taking a course, either online or in person, if you are serious about developing this gift. Practise regularly, Believe in yourself and Trust that Spirit is guiding you and you will soon be able to connect with confidence.
One word of warning before you rush off and eagerly surf the net for more guidance. Before attempting to connect with Spirit it is always advisable to put some form of protection around yourself. There are many ways to do this but one of the most commonly used protections is to visualise white light coming down from the heavens and surrounding your body in an egg shape which goes around the top of your head right down to beneath your feet. Make sure the ‘egg’ is complete so that negative energies cannot enter, and then ask Spirit for their protection at this time.
I will cover more ways to protect yourself in future blogs, as well as how to enhance your connection through the use of crystals, journeying and visualisation, spells and other methods

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