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Remove Obstacles, Doubts and Fears

How often in our lives do we prevent ourselves from doing things or moving forward in areas of our lives, whether it be relationships, career, love or because we feel we are not good enough or dare not ask a particular question in fear of a response, sound familiar?

I am sure many of us may have been there?

This can be to many scenario’s within our lives, we can even be caught up in our past and have difficulty leaving the past behind us and look at our futures with in trepidation.
Obstacles or Doubts can be big or as small, it really does not matter how big or small they are, BECAUSE they exist only within the MIND.

FEAR exists only within the MIND although it can be frightening at times.
If we FACE things the fear goes, it has NO hold on us, it is gone, so is the obstacle which has prevented us moving forward whether for so little or so long a time has gone.

The same with doubts.
You, Yes You, have the ability, to knock over and Remove, OBSTACLES, DOUBTS and FEARS.

It may seem difficult for you to do in the beginning, but like with anything, practice helps and soon, removing obstacles, doubts and fears can become second nature and you are not held hostage to what has held you back previously.
Whether it has been a question you feared the answer to in the relationship; whether it was to ask a person on a date; the job you wanted to go for but didn’t feel you were good enough or had enough self-confidence to dare go for it.

Maybe the worst scenario that can befall you is the answer `NO` to something; 
not getting the job – maybe it wasn’t suited to you, not you to it, but it gave you the confidence to go for it and the experience of the interview and something better may be awaiting you; or the date or answer to the date was No or didn’t work out – well maybe it was not meant to – and your Soulmate is awaiting you – would you want to be in a relationship which was not meant to work out.  

Sometimes things don’t work out the way in which we would have liked them to but sometimes there may be a better reason or a better opportunity further down the line, so please do not be disheartened or disappointed if an answer is NO.
Feel pleased that you have FACED your FEARS, OBSTACLES and DOUBTS.  
You moved on.

It is the present that matters and not the past, so move forward in the right direction, you have taken the right steps; the New Year starts today, but you can make it every day if you wish, resolutions can start at anytime in your life, not just at New Year.
It’s a NEW START, Looking at things different, moving forward in the direction you wish to move forward in and not letting, FEARS, OBSTACLES or DOUBTS hold you back, NO MORE.

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