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Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

Some people believe that it’s only psychics and mediums who have and can communicate with spirit guides, this is not the case.

Every single one of us has been assigned spirit guides before our birth and their role is to guide and assist us during this carnation; from the moment we are born until our passing (and for a short time after).  Other guides, such as Reiki and healing guides will also come to our aid at various times throughout our lives.  Your guide works for your highest good, their love and support for you is unconditional and lifelong. 

We are all born with psychic ability but it is often buried as we grow from children to adults and subsequently we ‘forget’ how to use it or how to ‘tune in’. Consequently, we become unable to differentiate between what is psychic information or our own thoughts.  I can assure you that your spirit guide will attempt to pass information to you but if you’re not receptive it can be a very difficult task.  Nonetheless, there are ways that you can learn to communicate with your spirit guides without sitting in a development circle and which are completely safe and non-threatening. 

When you’re relaxed and in the present moment is the ideal time to communicate with your guides but I know that meditation isn’t for everyone. Having said that, the most important thing here is to clear your space and ground yourself: Close your eyes and visualise the room that you’re sitting in, in your mind visualise white light filling the room- now your space is cleared.  Still with your eyes closed, imagine a clone of yourself holding a key and then imagine a small trap door on the top of your head- open the door with the key. Take a deep breath and imagine that when you inhale the white light is seeping into your body through the open trap door. As you exhale the light is filling your body until it reaches your feet. From your feet it spreads into the ground like the roots of a tree. In your mind, send the roots down into the earth. –now you are grounded and know that you are completely safe. 

Now, in your mind, ask yourself a question that you know the answer to, such as ‘what did I have for lunch today?’ The answer will come AFTER you have asked the question and in your own voice, this is you answering the question. Keep going with the questions. After a short time, the answer to your questions will come before you have finished asking the question, probably half way through. It will probably still be in your own voice but your spirit guide is answering the question- NOT YOU! When YOU are answering you will have finished the question first. Keep practising and test your guides- Start asking questions that you don’t know the answer to but that you know can be confirmed later. Your guide is never wrong, ever!! When asking questions, however, don’t make them time bound- there is no such thing as time in the spirit world, so don’t ask if such and such will call you in two weeks. 

In time, the conversations will become longer and you can glean a lot of information this way.  Always thank your guides after your conversations and enjoy getting to know them, you’re on your way to developing clairaudience ?

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