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Why Do Partners Go Off With Others?


There is a question I have been asked about by quite a few clients these past few months. 

I have been saddened by their obvious going. Wanting to know about why someone would leave them or not talk to them when they were a good partner. Why their partner would prefer another woman. What have they lost? What is he/she thinking? When will they be back? Will they be back?

This has happened to me in my past life and I have asked; begged these questions of readers, wondering why they could not tell me the answers I had paid them to hear. The pain and longing when a loved one leaves for no apparent reason is tortuous it is so very painful and lonely. When I am reading face to face I will use a few different decks that look nothing the same, but in a reading of this nature; the cards will always come up with the same. It is said one needs only ask the tarot once, but since we need reassurance sometimes, it is really reassuring to know the same question gets same answers no matter the deck. There is a universal magic about this phenomenon and it helps people begin to see they are a little stuck. 

We are reminded by great teachers, the likes of Louise Hay that if our love for another is so addictive and not balanced by love of our own souls, then the love cannot be balanced and is due to fail at some level of addiction and co-dependency.  What I want to give my friends with their troubles is to help them love themselves so much and so compassionately that they cannot miss the shallow actions of shallow partners. As they begin to love themselves more fully, the partners they will attracting will also have more love to give. How can we best help our clients with our readings responsibly if they cannot be guided to love and look after themselves till they be so joyful that any man would seek their company.

How do I find the space in the tiny twenty minutes not only to give them petty answers which will not help their hearts but to offer them that exact answer that to learn to love themselves truly and first! This way they will become beacons ; that partners will be drawn to from even the farthest parts of the earth or the past. If we learn to love ourselves, miracles happen, with love, with health, and with happy homes.

I intend to encourage our dear clients that crises surrounding love and relationships may develop happier endings when fear is traded for forgiveness and when we all learn to love ourselves first in a healthy way .  If we ourselves are full with love, there is less room for fear. If there is less room for fearful or sad consequences we can co-create our future with the law of attraction, because then we are attracting more loving outcomes and less fearful ones. Fear is a great teacher, but not always for happy endings can then take its rightful place; as a choice. Love is the answer 

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