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People ask me how they can find happiness, well it’s not quite that easy, but I will do my best to simply a somewhat complicated topic. First let’s look at kids; children know the secret to happiness they don't care about what other people think of them. Children just want to be happy innately

As a child I hung out with two of my best friends and during recess we pretended to be super heroines, I was 'Wonder Woman' my friend Natalie was the Bionic woman and my friend Ida was Mighty Isis. We didn't care if other people thought it was silly, it made us happy and we grew well into our twenties still being friends. Right up until my move from Maryland.

So what's my point? My point is our souls knew how to raise our energy and raised energy is like being on a cosmic high. Most people once they reach adulthood forget about the pure magic of childhood and restrict themselves to the hum-drum analytical routine of life. This does not promote happiness. Happiness is a never ending quest, it’s a continuous search for your identity, for your true self and once you get a glimmer of who you really are then and only then can you find true happiness.

So let me further explain, my dad use to tell me when he was alive that he wanted to write to
Tel-Av iv to find out if we were Separdic Jews. Which propelled me to take a DNA test and led me to discover I was five percent eastern European Jewish. Which further led me to study for one year Judaism then led to my conversion into Reform Judaism. So I embraced that part of my identity full force and it further defines who I am as a person, now you don't have to do something quite as drastic as what I did, but the purpose of the journey is more of a soul search, explore your identity on a more intimate level, Ask questions? Lots of questions, Why am I afraid of bugs? Why don't I like spicy foods? Why do I attract abusive manipulative people in my life? Why am I control freak? Why am I short tempered? These are just a few examples.

Now remember your DNA is based on several factors, it’s not just who your parents are, that's a small percentage of it, it’s more what is your astrological sign, your astrological sign defines a lot of your characteristics. Let me explain, both my brother Lou and I are born the same day just ten years apart, he's ten years older but both of us were born in March same day, now we both have the typical Aries traits we act before we think, we are quick to strike at anyone who has offended us, we are short tempered and are prone to mood swings. But we are also energetic and enthusiastic about life and very passionate about whatever we are engaged in. These are common Aries traits. They determine how we will respond to obstacles; personally we both face them head on! With an attitude like the war god himself is ready for battle! We don't flee from change, NO WAY! Aries put their hands on their blades and runs right into the battlefield ready to kick some Ass!

So this brings me back to finding out about who you are and what makes you happy, I can't begin to tell you how many times I have heard excuse after excuse why people are putting off joy. They know what they want to do but they wait for another time, when the time is right.
There will never be a perfect time, that I can promise you, if you really want something you need to make it happen. Usually the universe will work to accommodate you if it sees you are serious.

Miracles happen and on a daily basis, but you have to be looking for the signs, you have to be aware of them not sleep walking through life, like a lot of people do. Don't assume anything, but rather believe in magic and in the power of miracles. Look I've seen things that are well unusual, that's why I know that magic is all around us. In 1994 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and they had to operate, during the operation I saw three hooded figures their faces obscured by blinding light. I knew they were not from Earth. I remember asking them “Am I dead?” one responded “No you're not dead.” Just as I was about to ask who they were I heard a snapping finger and saw the doctor standing in front of me asking me who the president of the United States was. I had way too much clarity for someone who just came out of brain surgery so something happened up there. Now if that's not a miracle, I don't know what is.

But that gave me a new perspective on life, I never took anything for granted and thus I began my spiritual journey which was one of the most incredible journeys I've ever been on and I'm still on it. A spiritual journey lasts pretty much your life span, until you leave this tangible world and move to the next life, so you will always uncover something new about yourself that will be like a valuable piece of this very gigantic puzzle, and with each piece that you put in its place you begin to see the image a lot more clearly than before.

Remember change is to be embraced not feared, change is the equivalent of growth and maturity, to change means you understand your shortcomings and you can fix them. To change means you have learned from these shortcomings, it means you are now wiser than before. It means you have the courage to embrace a new way of life, it means you're eyes are open and you see clearly and now you understand. Change is a blessing, not a curse. I am always changing always growing always understanding more about who I am and who I wish to become. Isn't that the purpose of being alive?

A great way to uncover who you are is to go on a past life journey, I can assist you with that, but it will take at least thirty minutes and please this is so important you need to take notes of each life as I say it to you so that we can review them and find out the common factors. The first life is the furthest from you, the last one is your present life and the answers to your concerns are within all of them.

I welcome the opportunity to help you in your journey, call me now and let’s take the most exciting journey ever one into your past lives. The answer to your questions in this life are explained by visiting the past. Thanks so much for reading this and I hope it has helped you to understand that the road to happiness is a continuous one but a rewarding one.

Shakespeare once said “To thyself be true,” Wise words and in closing a fool believes they know everything, but the wise-man understands he knows very little because he still has much to learn and keeps on learning for the duration of his or her life. Be wise don't be the fool.

Fairy Queen


fairy queen

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