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The Significance of Animals and the Secrets they Hold

The Significance of Animals and the Secrets they Hold

As those of you who are more familiar with sorcery and the metaphysical will know, many signs and messages usually come in the form of animals. You may also be aware, to a varying extent, of some of these already. This is due to so many prophecies and readings given by witches in ancient times coming to pass. My own forebear, the notorious Scottish witch Maggie Wall, is reputed to have seen a flock of half a dozen crows circling above her whilst she was tied to the stake. In what would be her last words before she was engulfed in flames, she called out a final prophecy to the villagers whose treachery had led to her execution..

 "Beware, for in twa score and ten, evil shall descend fae the glen, leaving nane but the kirk, tae stand again"

Just over fifty years later the village was raised to the ground by Jacobite soldiers returning from battle in a nearby glen. As Maggie predicted, the only building that remained standing in the aftermath, was the church.

In this blog, I'll share some of my magic with you and pass on the secrets and ancient knowledge passed to me from my mother, and to her, from her own mother. This will allow you to pick up on signs and messages from the higher realm and teach you how to decode them and understand what they mean for you and your loved ones.

It's only fitting that in honour of poor Maggie we begin with the crow. One of the most powerful symbols, used by those from the higher realms to signal impending doom, as well as in the spells and potions of the witches from years gone by. Take this gift of knowledge with you and keep it close by. It'll alert you to where danger lurks and guide you towards the light..


The Crow: 

Symbolises death and destruction. The number of crows that appear also indicate a significant number associated with the prophecy. (In the case of Maggie, the number of crows was a sign relating to the number of years before the disaster would befall the village.)


The Mouse: 

When we encounter a mouse, we're being reminded of the importance of home and family. It is sometimes a sign that you will soon be moving home, usually to somewhere better.


The Snake: 

Contrary to popular belief, the snake symbolises, not deceit or betrayal, rather it's a warning that a change is necessary or that you will be forced into a change due to circumstances. Just as a snake sheds its skin in order to renew itself, and ultimately to survive, so must you.


The Magpie: 

To encounter a magpie is a clear message from your subconscious or spirit guide, of unrequited love. Whether it be a lover or a friend, as hard as it may be to accept, your affections are not reciprocated and the magpie is telling you it's time to move on.


The Cat: 

Anyone who is lucky enough to live with one will already know that cats are extremely spiritual. They are drawn to the same areas in your home, due to energy currents that pull them in. Black cats in particular ward off evil and protect against curses, hence why they are a well known symbol of good luck. White cats on the other hand symbolise joy and happiness. 


The Fox: 

When we're presented with a fox, whether in a dream or an encounter in our everyday life, it's a warning that we should be alert to danger. Think about where the fox is and what it's doing, as this will indicate who or where the danger is coming from. 


The Lion:

As with the fox, the lion appears to us as a warning that someone close to us is lying or harbouring a dark secret. A client of mine kept having a recurring dream of a lion in his back garden. It later transpired his neighbour had stolen his lawnmower from his garden shed! Once we uncovered the truth, the dreams ceased. 


The Pigeon:

If a pigeon appears at your window or one inexplicably lands at your feet and makes eye contact with you, it's a sign that you or someone close to you is going to go through changes associated with maternal energy. As with most of the animals mentioned, not every encounter with a pigeon is a spiritual sign so focus on the circumstances around the visitation and listen to your intuition. 

Haste ye back,



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