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The Right Fit - Feeling Good With Your Relationship Choices

Sally was excited about a charity benefit she was invited to in the coming month. It was a formal affair so Sally knew she would need to go shopping to find the perfect dress for the occasion, she liked the idea of shopping for something new as well, so she planned to go to the mall the following week.

Sally went into her first store at the mall where she had seen evening apparel before and was happy to see an assortment of dresses to choose from. She tried on a few and decided she would take home a beautiful red beaded gown and see how it looked with her shoes and in a different light. She also thought that she should look at the boutique she loved on the lower level because they always had different kinds of clothing and she wanted to stand out. She walked into the boutique and her eyes were drawn to a dress on display in the corner, it was beautiful and different than anything she had ever seen before. They had one dress left and it was in her size. This dress was so different than the one she purchased earlier, she thought I need to take them both home and see how they look in a different light with other accessories. So, Sally bought this unusual blue sparkling gown and was excited to get both gowns home to see what they looked like at home.

The next day Sally was trying on the two gowns and looking at the differences and seeing what she had in her wardrobe that would go well with the dresses. She was still uncertain which one was really the right one for her. So, she snapped a couple of selfies and sent them to her sister and friend to see what they thought. Well, as you would have it each of them liked a different dress. Her sister asked her what makes you feel good, which one are you comfortable wearing? That was what she needed to make her decision. She put them both on and walked around her home in each and looked at herself from various angles and the decision was easy to make. She needed to feel good in her dress, and that it was right for her and was the best fit for her, compatible with her life.

Sometimes when we are looking for love, we can’t seem to find it, but when we least expect love is presented and sometimes we are presented with choices. You see someone and you connect instantly and he asks you out and then another person you liked is back in the picture and you don’t know which way to go. It is like shopping for that special occasion, choices are good because then you can compare two people just as the dresses. It is good to see how they both fit and fit in your life. Often it is easier to know who is right for you when you have a comparison. It makes you more certain of your decision, because you can determine who fits you and your life, and is not just eye candy, sure it is nice to look good, but feeling good and comfortable with your partner is important for a long lasting connection.


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