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The Psychic Cat

Introduction  : I got asked if I could give a quick reading to a friend at 13:00 hrs today as soon as I got my bag of tricks twinkle my black cat of 7yrs came into the living room meowing and she helped her mummy give a reading….. Friend went away smiling but so amazed to what twinkles reaction was both with the cards.    About the back of 4 o’clock I went on to check my emails and heard a commotion at the back of me. I had left the set of tarot cards on the table and twinkle decided that she was going to give a reading to Manda her mummy.  The cards fell onto the floor. With 4 cards facing upwards and the rest of the deck facing downs the cards and meanings are recorded down below and it all started to make sense and fall into place …. 
The deck of cards are ANGEL TAROT CARDS 
1.10 of Water (minor)
2.1 Magician – Archangel Raziel  (major)
3.2 High Priestess – Archangel Haniel  (major)
4.3 Empress – Archangel Gabriel  (major)
The water suit always represents to me emotions like love nurturing dreams and our desires and relationships…. Water is one of the most life forces we all need to survive.  Also is a deep cleansing agent.   In is also the last minor card in the suit….. It is a very positive card with regards to relationships being strong and trustworthy and that there is also means that on both a psychic and all types of relationships are blessed with both uncontional love and are genuine and all my needs emotional and materially are being met.   Plus being committed to a cause close to my heart and to people closest to me…… 

This card tells you that it’s now the right time to have confidence to begin new projects and that all the doubts that you have are and should be put behind you.   All your dreams can be manifested if you have self-confidence and belief always call up on the angels for help and clarity, 
Archangel Raziel is the wizard-like angel of spiritual secrets and mysteries who opens doors of opportunity for you.   Also he will speed you along the pathway of manifestation for being successful.
This card was drawn because the answers that I was seeking lie within my feelings and emotions.   It is the card of intuition and the power within natural psychic abilities.   Also to pay attention to dreams and any intuitive messages and signs you receive, as they are accurately guiding me….. (Very true, as of 1st January 2016 – recording my dreams in a diary).
Archangel Haniel is the goddess-like angel of grace and feminine spirituality (such as intuition and clairvoyance).  Like a true priestess, Haniel will act as a spiritual teacher and advisor to aid me in discerning which feelings and ideas to follow as a trustworthy guidance.   By calling up on Haniel to increase your clarity for self as well giving readings to others.
This card is the card of great rewards, abundance,  nurturing and giving birth to a child but also giving birth to an idea new projects which are positively affected successfully now.   Having the Midas touch.   Enjoying and taking good care and positive thinking and self believe both mind body and spirit (happy days).
Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel who guides and the supports expectant and adoptive parents – as well as those involved in new-born creative projects.    Call upon Gabriel to inspire your creative ideas and give you the courage and the opportunities to express them.
Things do happen for a reason you are able to get guidance both for self and others which can be very apt and spookily very accurate.   I am very honoured and blessed to be able to see and get messages from the angles and signs for both others and self.   If you look hard enough so can you but to gain help and clarity in our life we call upon friends and gifted readers at ask the answer we are here to take your call.

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