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Creating Destiny

Often it has been said we are the Creators of Our Own Destiny, whereby we bring into our life what we think about.  We are Co-creators in what we bring into our life.

Our brain is a most powerful tool, it is complex and can have such a profound effect upon us within our lives, physically, consciously, subconsciously and spiritually.

Do we become what we think?

How many times in one’s life, have we thought about something only for the next thing to happen?  Is it what we have thought about transpires, happens?  Coincidental, No, but synchronicity Yes.  Everything happens for a reason, but sometimes as conscious beings we do not know the reason why.

Why in life there can be so much turmoil but at the same time people are experiencing happiness and beauty.  We have to go through the ups and downs in life, if we didn’t how would we appreciate the better things in life, we wouldn’t be able to know the difference would we, if life was just so perfect.  You are perfect as in your making you were and are, it is just that we have lessons and learning in life, experience life.

Often when we have lost a loved one, whether passing to spirit, or a break up or divorce, it is an emotional bereavement and one can still go through the stages of grief.

However, in our lives just as it has been said we are what we eat, it could be said we are what we create.

Creation starts within the cortex of the mind, the neurological pathways, how we are, how we act, how we think and focus on things in our life.  The thoughts may very well be balanced, logical whereas the subconscious thoughts creep in and it can create doubt within your minds, confusion and create the imbalance within you.

Your mind is the most powerful computer, just think about it, man created computers with his knowledge, your mind was the tool and system which did this.  Therefore is your mind not powerful enough to create what you want to bring into your lives. 

When fear, doubt and one of the countless disruptive thoughts creep in, cancel them out for more positive thoughts, believe them, feel them with all your heart and soul.  Act as though it is happening, or happened, be grateful and know things will be as they are meant, the way in which you meant them, no-body else.

This may be a bitter concept to follow in that why would someone create turmoil or upset in their lives.  This is obviously not done deliberately, but where we place the focus, that focus stays, so without thinking consciously sometimes we do not keep our thoughts in check.

Keeping your thoughts in check and having the discipline to quiet the mind takes time, practice and dedication.  It can be just a few minutes per day, but even then often people come up with excuses and to why they could not spend a few minutes per day to set themselves up in a positive way, to clear their minds and set their intention.

It is important to set your intention, starting with gratitude, believing in oneself and innate knowing that things will turn out for you.   How often when we focus on things does it stay within our minds, when we stop focusing on things it disappears the majority of times, out of our physical lives and it has no control, power or influence over us.  As quick as it transpired it went.

That is the beauty of this, you think it meaningfully, believe it whole heartedly with all your heart and soul and do not constantly think about it.

Often we are impatient with things and when they don’t materialise straight away we lose our focus.  Think of it this way, because you don’t think about it all the time, it does not mean it is not working or that it is not manifesting within your life.  But be specific in what you ask for.

 You could be asking for somebody to return into your life, the love of your life; whereby the love of your life is asking to find the love of their lives.  If you ask about love within your life I believe it will arrive, when you are ready to accept at a deeper level.  You cannot control another person by your thoughts in what you want, you can however feel the love for that person, the emotions between you and visualise this, it may be what you are both co-creating and thus become a realisation. 

You are the co-creators, if you do not act on things, take risks and do the work how will it happen.  We need to work to make things happen, invest in us, invest in what we are doing and believe in it.  What is the alternative, sit and wait, have the mind-set that it will show up if it’s meant to; Yes I believe in fate and synchronicity but I believe you have to put the work, in too.  You have to want it!!!

Therefore do you want it enough to do the work, truly have the belief it will work, this is between you and your vibration which need to be in alignment.

Remember, success is measured by the amount of times we get up to live another day, find the will power, the motivation, the driving force and the belief that we can and do create our own futures and destiny’s.

So create yours today, be in the flow of life, not standing at the wayside watching it go by. Life is a process and we can of course just sit, wait and let life pass us by or we can give it a helping hand in creating our own destiny.

The future is yours, live, will what you make it, do not procrastinate over today or your tomorrow’s, live for the moment and co-create your futures.

Angelic Blessings

Angel Light

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