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The Love Triangle

The Love Triangle


This is far more common than most people think. To be in a three-way relationship always brings problems.  If you are in a divine, perfect threesome where each person trusts and respects each other, and always tells the truth, then you have a much better chance of success. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. It is not gender specific either. As a reader I hear it from both sides, via the person who is not comfortable or happy with the situation.


Generally, with a 3-way relationship, there is always an alpha personality at the top of the triangle, who wants it all and expects it to happen in his or her way. 


The question is, are you prepared to live with it? There are many real accounts where a guy has a wife and a ‘lover.’  Sometimes this can work for a long period of time. The problem arises when one person in this three-way relationship wants more.  This is very common. A man or a woman who says they have no intentions of leaving their spouse, generally means it!  If you are the 3rd cog in the wheel, then don’t be too surprised if you get replaced.


So how do you deal with it? It is always your choice; you can stick it out and be happy with what you have. Or you can decide it is not enough for you and this means walking away.


There is no judgement here as this is a very common issue. The time to seek guidance is when you are really not happy and need some clarity.  I’m here for you when you need to chat and look at the cards.


Warm wishes,


Anya – PIN 600052


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