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The Fools Journey

I have worked with the Tarot for many years and it is my favorite tool. The Tarot is divided into two sections. the major - which has twenty two cards - and the minor -which has fifty  six cards. The major, as you might expect tellsl about the major events in your life, while the minor describe the details, and people who are already in your life or are soon to enter it. I will concentrate on the major arcana at this time.

The first card of the major arcana is the Fool - he is setting out on a journey - perhaps he is a bit naive; most Tarot packs depict him with a bundle on his back, stepping into an unknown future which could take him anywhere. The number of the card is zero, which could indicate that he does not have any life experience, he is a total novice in the journey of life, but he is excited too because he is setting out on a great adventure.

The next card 2 is the High Priestess representing intuition and psychic ability, so maybe the Fool has to depend on these abilities to get through his journey.

Card number 3 is the Empress, it is a card of creativity, nature and abundance,  but it can also represent a mother or a mother figure, so maybe the Fool is thinking about his actual mother!

Card 6 is the Lovers, so maybe he has met his soul mate or partner in life,but the Lovers also indicate a decision, so he has to choose either between two people or two situations.

The Chariot is 7, indicating that he has got control of situations, but can also indicate hard work or travel.

Card 8 is Strength, so he is able to cope with whatever life throws at him, he has become strong.

The Hermet is card 9, so the Fool must spend some time alone, perhaps meditating on what has happened to him so far.

Card 10 is the Wheel of Fortune indicating change and maybe even a bit of luck.

Eleven is Justice indicating fair play and balance, so the Fool is doing well so far,but wait, what comes next?

Number 12 is the Hanged Man, so sacrifices will need to be made and also the Fools journey may have got held up in some way because the Hanged Man can indicate suspension and delays.

The card called Death comes next; this card may frighten some people who are not familiar with the Tarot, but really it seldom foretells physical death but instead tells of a major life change - an ending and a new beginning.

The next card is Temperance which indicates a time of peace and balance.

But sadly the Fool comes up against some major challenges with the Devil card 15. He is imprisoned either by his own negative thinking or by circumstances.

Card 16 is the Tower, which represents the unknown, or shocks, but in the Fools case it could also show him breaking away from the restriction of the Devil.

The Star is card 17, a lovely card showing renewed hope and the possibility of dreams coming true.

But the Moon card 18 shows some confusion, deceit, or illusion.Perhaps the Fool is afraid to trust due to his past experiences.

But the Sun comes out - card 19 - giving happiness and success and making the Fool feel very good.

Card 20 is Judgment, so the Fool gets his reward. He reaps what he has sown, so if he has done good things it will be pay off time.

The final card is the World, so the Fool has come full circle. This is a card of success and new horizons, so it looks like maybe more adventures await the Fool but he can move ahead knowing that he has learned much on his travels and can bring this knowledge with him on his new adventures. He is a totally different person that the one who set out on his journey in card number 1.He has journeyed on the path of life and come out the other end safe and secure but with more confidence and knowledge gained by the challenges he has met and overcome.So he is not a fool any more but a very wise person.

 The Fool

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