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The Crab And The Warrior

Did you know every astrological sun sign is associated with one of the major arcana cards in the Tarot? And every sun sign - and every Tarot card - is associated with an element - Air, Water, Fire or Earth? Let's take a look at this month's star sign, Cancer, and how people born under it can relate to the corresponding card of the Tarot, the Chariot.
On first glance, the pairing of Cancer and the Chariot doesn't seem to make an awful lot of sense: Cancerians are well known for their nurturing and somewhat gentle demeanours. They tend to be loyal and generous, but can also be a tad moody and, forgive me, a teeny bit clingy in the right, or should that be wrong, circumstances. In general, Cancerians are spontaneous, emotional and love to take care of people. If you were to pick, the sign of Cancer would surely come out as feminine. 
The Chariot card, on the other hand, looks as masculine as you'd like.
Depending on which deck you're looking at, it depicts a man - usually a warrior - either fully in control of a pair of magical beasts that are patiently awaiting his command, or he's mastering a full-on charge of wild beasts with only his will and a pair of reins. It doesn't seem like a person who lets their hair down often or has a hug for everyone he meets, and there's definitely no weeping for joy, no matter how many puppies are offered!
But let's delve a little deeper. Cancer is one of the four Cardinal signs of the zodiac. It's one of the catalyst or initiator signs that signal an important point in the sun's chart. In this case, the sun enters Cancer right at the summer solstice making it a sign of beginnings and forward movement. Although Cancerians might be more fond of starting projects than tidying up the finishing details, we certainly can't call them slackers; they tend to be energetic and keen to get things going. The phrase vim and vigour could have been coined for them! Now take this a little further and we could easily say that when the Cancerian is really fired up their energy begins to dominate. Cancer is also the mothering sign, so as well as the obvious nurturing tendencies we see in Cancerians, we can fully expect a fierce protectiveness to show through whenever someone or something they love is threatened. Perhaps she starts to look a little more like the warrior Chariot card now, doesn't she?
Both are associated with water - the element of emotions, depicted in Tarot in the Chariot and throughout the suit of cups. Emotions run deep in Cancer and the Chariot - water, left to itself, will always seek to level out. It wants calm. However, when this is denied we see the full force of tsunami and all the destructive rage it can bring with it. Both also want to protect themselves, to hide their true feelings so they can't be hurt, so both wear armour. Cancer is ruled by the Moon - and the moon has an enormous effect on the Earth's water, creating and giving force to the tides. In most decks the figure on the Chariot wears the symbol of the moon - to the left and right, again looking to control and balance emotions. The moon is also a symbol of intuition, something Cancerians will no doubt recognise in themselves. The astrological moon is associated with the High Priestess in Tarot - keeper and guide to the spiritual worlds and herself also associated with water.
When the Chariot appears in a spread it's usually time to ask ourselves which part of my life is out of balance, where is the threat and where am I going? And for Cancerians especially, it's perhaps time to ask how can I promote and grow my spiritual journey? The drive, intuition and emotional capacity are there, it's a question now of harnessing and focusing your gifts to reach your goals. 
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The Chariot

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