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The Courage To Write Your Own Future

For many years now I have worked as an Angel card reader. I use the imagery of the cards to connect with a higher guidance and as a colour therapist I also use colours to help me read current situations. I won’t bore you with the details, but some years back a series of events (out of my control) were put in motion, that resulted in my walking away from my day job and becoming a full time oracle card reader.

Often as I worked the phone- lines I would listen to people, who although clearly on the wrong path, would do nothing to help themselves leave that path and if anything, insisted upon continuing to block their own way forward with their fears and self- limitations. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to step away from the wrong path is to take a risk, to step outside of your comfort zone or just to knock on an unknown door, but it is fear that stops us from doing so. As I was outside of their situation, it was easy for me to make such sweeping judgements, as I was not the one sitting there feeling lost whilst surrounded by fear and limitation.

At least that is what I believed until a little over a year ago when things once more began to change for me. I began to find that when I turned the cards for myself, I would keep getting two cards over and over. Archangel Gabriel’s creative writing, which is about writing, and he is also the angel who comes around writers. The other card was Ariel’s courage, which about standing up for who you are and believing in yourself. Suddenly, it was as if a fog had been lifted and I remembered a long forgotten dream of wanting to write. But then just as I realised what my dream was, I became like those I had unfairly judged in my ignorance, and my fears and anxieties came crashing in, alongside myself doubts and my need for perfectionism and before I knew it, there I was limiting myself.

Fortunately for me, the cards kept returning, and then the dreams began. Dreams of a race of people, their lives, loves and fears, and over the next few months these people became as real as my family members. I was like someone driven, waking up at three in morning to scribble down my latest dream. Other occurrences began to happen around the same time, family members who didn’t have a clue about my writing, would send me random informational emails which happened to have exactly the topic I had wanted to research, hence providing me with a starting point. An example being when I was searching the net for which fish lived in a certain location, I will be honest I am not great on fish. Then just as I had given up, I noticed an aunt from abroad had sent me an email she thought I might enjoy about the reefs of the world, and there in middle of this short film, was the information I needed, my starting reference point.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well that part is simple; I want to share my courage so that you too can find yours. For years I had told others to watch out for Angelic signs, and now I was receiving them and the choice was mine, do I ignore them and I live my life with limitations, or do I take that chance and strive to change my own path. Ultimately, I decided that it would go against my integrity to advise others to follow the guidance that I myself refused to follow, and so I began to write. I did exactly what was on the cards, I made the time to write and I had the courage to believe in myself. This week that courage was rewarded; as I saw my story out there, as the first in a series of e-books. It might not go down in history as a literary great, but for me it is the first crucial step in breaking through the fear barrier and writing my own future.

I am not special; I am just like everyone else. But I truly believe that we all have the courage inside us to change things, to reach further as we grasp our dreams and turn them into a reality. No matter what your dreams are, make today the day you set in motion the wheels that will make your dreams a reality. As it is only by believing in ourselves, that we can truly live the lives we desire!

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