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The Colour Of Light - Valentines Violet

In last month’s blog, I looked at buying new clothes and experimenting with colour.  It was all about paying attention to the colours that best suit our needs, heal imbalances or simply reflect our personalities. Today, I want you to stop and take a look in a mirror and note the colours that you have chosen to wear.  If you are out in public, look around you; and observe the colour choices of others.  Remember, that every time we choose a colour to wear we are making a personal statement about ourselves.  If we are simply following colour trends, afraid to make changes or in a ‘can’t be bothered mood’, we run the risk of sending out the wrong message.  Our colour choices make statements about who we are, it’s time for you to show your true colours.

With many of us making valentine plans whether in a committed relationship or hoping to start on, it’s important to choose the correct outfit, and colour is crucial.  For those without valentine plans, don’t despair, 2012 is a year of change, of powerful new energies entering our realm, making this the perfect year for new connections.  With this in mind it is even more important to make the right colour choice, as you never know when that all important soul-mate is going to cross your path.  I have created the following list to give you a guideline to work with; don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, if you feel you are lacking certain energies reach for the colour to balance this.  Remember intensity of shades will increase or decrease the energies.  The most important thing about colour is to listen to your own intuition, and go with what feels right for you.

Violet-Purple:  Portrays a passion for creativity, and openness to spirituality. The wearer can be idealistic but will always stay loyal and show empathy to those around them.

Red: Shouts confidence, sensual sexuality and a zest for life that is maintained with an enormous amount of energy.  There is often a fiery temperament to accompany this colour.

Pink: Promises unconditional mutual love. The wearer is both compassionate and loving, but be aware that characteristics of both white and red can be hidden in their depths.

Orange: Boasts vitality and creativity, the wearer is practical by nature and self-assured.  They are happy and confident with who they are, and don’t need the reassurance of others to confirm this.  Once again characteristics of both red and yellow may be hidden in their depths.

Yellow: Shouts life most eloquently, a master communicator, brimming with wonderful and interesting ideas and concepts.

Green: The colour of money, this colour attracts wealth, both physically and spiritually. It also encourages both balance and harmony to both the wearer and those around them.

Blue: Brings about a state of calmness and tranquillity. Allowing the wearer peace of mind to be able to sit back and listen to their intuition. Wearers of this colour are loyal, and trustworthy.

Turquoise: Serenely states calmness and balance, with an intuitive ability to communicate new ideas to others.  This colour has the qualities of green and blue, the mix resulting in a harmony of energies.

Magenta: True magenta, shows balance, maturity of character and a deep set desire to help others.

White: Stands for perfectionism, bringing forth an illusion of space to think, however it will drain the wearer and will not support them in taking the action required.

Black: Creates a sense of aloofness, of untouchable distance, of power and authority. It is wonderful when worn with bright colours, but worn alone, it can tell others that the wearer is rigid, and that discussion is not open.
It can also indicate a lack of inner confidence.

Grey: Indicates a need to conform, to get lost in the crowd. It discourages individuality in the wearer, and for this reason is often the choice for uniforms. It can make the wearer, self-disciplined, self-reliant and a little critical of others.  Characteristics of black and white can also be hidden in its depths. Again wear with a splash of brightness to counteract.

Brown: Grounds the wearer, it can also nurture as it is the colour of Mother Earth; it is best worn when combined with other bright colours. Too much brown can restrict the wearer, encouraging them to become narrow minded and defensive.

Use this list for guidance and experiment with new shades, for example Creams that are a mix of yellow and white, or a combination of colours to compliment you and bring out your true colours!


Just like the month I will keep this part brief.  As a child I found it hard to spell February, and had to envision it in my head, and always I would see it as a violet coloured word. Imagine my surprise to discover that amethyst is this month’s birth stone and that is the reason for my choosing it as my colour for this month.

Violet individuals - many are light workers and those who aren’t tend to follow a creative path, some combine both paths, music therapists and spiritual writers are but two examples of this. Violets are sensitive to the feelings and vibes of those around them and as a result of this they are easily hurt.  Their intuition sets them apart from others and on to a path of self-development from a young age. Many healers and psychics pull upon the Violet ray in their work. The more creative Violets go on to become successful, musicians, artists and writers, whilst others settle in related industries, such as publishing and media. Violet individuals need to keep an eye on their mental health as their sensitivity leaves them open to both nervous and mental disorders.  Creativity and spirituality often comes at a high cost, as the history books will confirm.

If you are lacking Violet energy you may find yourself prone to fearfulness and phobias.  You will be overly apologetic and out of touch with your own intuition, try to restore some balance with some essential oils, here a few you might want to try:
•    Lavender for rejuvenation
•    Juniper for protection
•    Frankincense for purification


We can all add Violet to our lives to help with our own spiritual paths, or to help us tap into hidden creative talents. If choosing colour visualization, remember that violet is an electrical colour and should be drawn down through the crown chakra. As with previous visualizations repeat it three times and remember to give thanks to the universe for sharing this spiritual energy with you.

Crystals work by amplifying light waves for full effect hold your chosen violet stone near to the brow chakra (Third Eye) whilst meditating.  This will help both violets and non-violets to link in spiritually and connect with your inner soul. I would recommend;
•    Amethyst: for inspiration and spiritual development
•    Lavender Fluorite: to cleanse and protect. It also helps to reduce stress and hyperactivity.  (This stone is so gentle that is also ideal for use on our animal friends.)

AmethystLavender Flourite

B is the musical note that corresponds to Violets wishing to use music in their meditations, as it uses the same wave lengths as your colour energy and will bring about a sense of harmony to your spirit.

I promised to keep this blog brief but cannot end without saying that violet individuals are best suited to yellow individuals, who bring intellectual wisdom to the relationship.  Not only are they lovely ego boosters for sensitive violets but they also prevent violets from being becoming lost inside their own heads, and offer a line of communication to the physical realm.  Violets provide their yellow companions with an insight into the spirituality and help them to connect with their more creative sides, a true match made in heaven!

Thank you, for once more taking this colourful journey with me.  I look forward to your company next month when we will be looking a spring-time yellow.

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