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The Colour Of Light - January Blue

Here we stand once more on the threshold of a new year, and if you are anything like me you will be brimming with New Year resolutions, to bring out that super enhanced being, who you just know has been lurking beneath the surface this past year.  This may be a new look, a health decision, it may involve cutting down on the ciggies, losing weight, joining a gym, a trip to hairdresser or a whole new wardrobe. What better place to begin than the January sales.  A chance to revamp, and feel good about bagging a bargain all at the same time!

However, it’s worth remembering that we are each drawn to the colours of our Aura, the colours we wear are an outward reflection, tuning us into our own colour vibrations.  Sometimes when a colour is lacking in our energies we will be drawn to it, this could explain the disaster hiding in the darkest regions of your closet, mine being a canary yellow jumper!

When buying new clothes it is better to leave your choices to intuition, rather than colour trends. We have all known that feeling of standing in front of a crammed wardrobe unable to find anything to wear. Most likely a majority of the colour choices within are black or the seasons latest. Not always a right personal choice.

Unfortunately often the colours our souls are crying out for are those we dislike or feel unable to wear, due to skin tone or colouring. counteract this, with a wide range of colour in your wardrobe, invest in accessories, vests, belts, scarves, beads, hats, watches bangles, even out of sight underwear will all help you to gradually bring a balance and a spectrum of colour energy back into your life.  When heading to the sales remember to ensure that your more expensive, core purchases enhance your aura, (mine are turquoise, blues, purples and greens and  these make up a majority of my wardrobe) and maximise colour with a wide range of smaller items and accessories. This is particularly important if like many, your wardrobe comfort zone is several shades of black and grey, by introducing a rainbow of colourful accessories you will enhance your aura with a rainbow of vibrant energies.

Blue Individuals

Blue is often misunderstood.  Many perceive it to be cold emotionless, and remote, when in reality it is cleansing, altruistic, the colour of healers.  A caller recently reminded me of this when they stated they were merely being a true blue needing clarification.  These words brought home to me, the blue individual’s basic need to be able to draw upon their inner unbiased wisdom and restore equilibrium to their life.

On the whole blue individuals tend to be gentle, kind souls, passive by nature, compassionate with a soul’s desire to be at one with their surroundings and to live in harmony with, if not at the very centre of their community.  Christians associate blue with the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and also known as Compassionate Mother, she encompasses love and altruism. In much the same way Blues often make it their aim to bring comfort and love to others, achieving this by tapping into their inner wisdom and making informed judgements.  They tend to make good judges of character and possess a sometimes introverted but passive nature that puts others at ease in their presence.  To spend time with a blue individual can be like sitting by a calm tranquil lake. As blue is a healing colour, it comes as little surprise to find blue individuals drawn to medical, caring professions.  When in a role of authority they use their inner judgement and wise decision making. Healers often have blue auras, bringing to them an expansion of spiritual growth, channelling, ancient wisdom, leadership, and altruism.

However, as with all colours there are areas to watch for.  Blues need to be watchful not to withdraw too far within themselves, as this may lead to isolation which in turn can lead to depression. The key is to remember there is a difference between being introverted and being alone. It is the duty of all blues to share their lovely calming influence with those around them, the world needs them! Also as a blue you must make a conscious effort to express your own physical and emotional needs to those around you.  As wise judges of character, you would have chosen well, and will be a pleasantly surprised. Blue is associated with the Throat chakra, which governs the Thyroid and Parathyroid glands. On a physical level these control your metabolic rate, whilst on an emotional they govern your ability to express yourself vocally. Blues also need to keep an eye out for blood pressure dropping.

Blue individuals should use essential oils that correspond with their colour vibrations such as Tea-Tree as well as being an excellent antiseptic it will assist with self-expression.  Non -blue individuals can use blue essential oils to tap into blue calming qualities, Camomile is ideal as both a sedative and coolant.

CamomileTea Tree Plant

Remember, blue is not about bringing you down, for example take in nature, where blue flowers such as Bluebells and Irises are both known for purifying and bringing up-liftment. Blue is about cleansing the spirit tapping into ancient wisdom and allowing harmony to heal your spirit.
If you want to try a blue colour visualisation, remember that it is an Electrical colour and as such should be drawn down through your Crown Chakra. Breathe evenly and then visualise this colour travelling down through your body, paying particular attention to the Throat Chakra. Feel it soothing, cleansing, then as it reaches the ground breathe out deeply into the space before you.  Repeat three times.  Always thank the universe for allowing you to share this cooling energy.
If you prefer crystals, there are many blue stones to choose from. You might want to meditate with one to connect with your inner wisdom, to amplify remember to place it near the corresponding chakra. Lapis lazuli, blue agate, sapphire, turquoise, and sodalite are to name but a few.
Lapis LazuliBlue AgateSapphireTurquoiseSodalite


For those looking for love this New Year, blues are suited to other blues but may find expressing their feelings hard work, look within.  Blues go well with greens that bring balance. Yellows will assist them with communicating and learning more about themselves. Indigos would make wonderful partners, apart from being loyal; they are extremely altruistic and will pick up on the unspoken needs of their blue partner.
Red and oranges may clash with blues. However, the universe always brings what we need at any given time.  If as a blue you are being too introverted and withdrawing into cold isolation you may find a fiery red thrown onto your path to heat things up a little, whilst they benefit from your calmness.  As I reach the end of this month’s colourful journey, may I wish you all a wonderful colourful, year to come, love and light to you all.

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