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Tarot Readings for Relationship Problems

Tarot readers and psychics often find themselves helping people with their relationships. They will often be asked “Is this relationship working?” “Does he love me?“ “Is he thinking about me?” or “Is he my soulmate?” Like everything in life, these questions aren’t as simple as they first seem and for the best tarot love readings, it’s important to think a little about relationships as a whole.
In any relationship we must remember there are two people involved. How we handle situations may differ. It is very sad to hear someone say, “I haven't heard from so and so for a week, do you think they still care?” The telephone has been around for a couple of hundred years hence if so and so wants to be in touch, they will. No excuse!
Changes of heart and no communication are two reasons why a relationship fails.  The other person who does not communicate most likely does want to break up, or has decided they already have; to think otherwise is just plain folly. We have a choice over everything we do, and that includes picking the wrong partner for ourselves when there is initial chemistry there.
Make no mistake; you will be hurt if you choose to ignore the signs.  If they never call when they say they will, works late or they are always too busy, these are signs that there is trouble in paradise. Be smart with you own life and feelings. Learn how to dump that partner that is not worthy of your love and kindness. The universe is telling you what you do not want, and there is someone special just waiting for you out in this wide world. We sometimes think we want to always have a partner/any partner to feel we belong; this can be your downfall.

The up side of being free is finding someone really kind and compatible that is honourable. The freedom to do what you want, buy what you want and go where you like is great, and once you start to feel in control of yourself, you may find it is fun being in the “drivers seat”.  Next time someone all of a sudden starts to act out of character, be the one who takes action first. This is an ego buster for some of the people out there that haven't had a taste of their own medicine!  By the way, anyone that is described above is not worth your effort
Love revolves around forgiveness, helping and supporting each other and as such is fairly straight forward. Complications tend to arise in what we term as love when it crosses the barriers into intimacy.
Aristotle wrote over 2,300 years ago: "One person is a friend to another if he is friendly to the other and the other is friendly to him in return.” Aristotle believed that by nature humans are social beings. Aristotle also suggested that there were three different types of relationships. People are attracted to relationships that provide utility because of the assistance and sense of belonging that they provide. In relationships based on pleasure, people are attracted to the feelings of pleasantness and that they are engaging. However, relationships based on utility and pleasure were said to be short lived if the benefits provided by one of the partners was not reciprocated. In relationships based on virtue, we are attracted to others' virtuous character. Aristotle also suggested that relationships based on virtue would be the longest lasting and that virtue based relationships were the only type of relationship that each partner was liked for themselves.

This is perhaps a simplification, yet it stands true, even today. In modern day terms, we naturally expand upon this basic idea, add words and analyse details. After all, language itself has expanded a great deal over the last 500 years. Today we would say that the 3 relationship stereotypes are:-
1. Materialistic relationships, ones based on material needs, money and they security that it brings on a basic level.
2. Sexual relationships, ones based on desire and physical satisfaction.
3. Mutual relationships, ones in which we feel secure and do not feel the need for false pretence.
Ironically when you look at the first type of relationships, in today’s society you will often find that it leads people to have 2 partners, one for each aspect.  People are social creatures, and in today's society it is drummed into us from an early age the need for material security, this in itself does not lead to personal fulfilment as sexual needs are inherent to human nature. This often leads to adulterous relationships.
The sexually based relationships sometimes lead to people who have multiple short term relationships with in their lives. The details of which are always individual, but a common factor that occurs is a breach of trust. This over the long term creates negative emotional reaction within one or both parties and ultimately leads to the breakdown of a relationship, often ending with feelings of jealousy and anger. Both of the above relationship stereotypes are often formed based on insecurities.

The third and elusive type of relationship is one which provides long term satisfaction and fulfilment. These are formed when you are not actually looking for love and have personal satisfaction in who you are. The laws of attraction come into play across the board, therefore it stands to reason that only when you have stability in yourself will you find a relationship which builds upon this.
Is he coming back to me? Is he thinking about me? Why did he leave me if he still loves me? I am hurting and I do not want to ever see him again, but do you think he will get in contact again? And if the answer is yes, when will he do that? How will he do that if I have blocked him?
These are some of the most common questions that come up during love and relationship readings. When you love somebody, your world falls apart from the moment you start feeling that it is over between you. Every relationship is unique to the two people involved and there aren’t universal guidelines or rules on how to solve specific problems in the context of a relationship. That notwithstanding, there are ways around it and you would be surprised to know that most of solutions to your relationship woes are right in front of you; you do not have to search far to find them.
When two people decide to get into a relationship, each one of them brings in a different value base. The basic idea is not to impose your own belief systems on your partner. It’s often more useful to find amicable ways to connect your ways of thinking and reasoning, your opinions on certain matters, to find a common ground.

You get emphatic statements like “He must choose between me and his mother.” Hell no! There is absolutely no way he is ever going to abandon his mom for you, my darling. If he makes such a promise, do not hold him on to it. It would be mission impossible, fait accompli and you’d do well never to trust such promises. They are short term appeasement strategies. Having said that, there are other more amicable ways of handling such complexities, without the need to go to such extreme lengths.
In readings, tarot readers and psychics will also often get the married man who has been promising to leave his wife for years. Is he really going to do that? What is stopping him from doing that already? Maybe he genuinely loves you and the relationship with his wife has gone stale. But for how long are you prepared to wait for him? Yes, I get it, you do not want to bring up that question too often in fear of losing him. But what do you do next? These are just a few of the points that contribute to the complexities of any relationship. Sadly, it happens to many people, and you are not alone. It is hard to confide in friends and family since they tend to judge you or provide subjective ideas that you may find offensive or judgemental. I suppose life is like that sometimes. Some situations overwhelm us to a point that we feel that they are beyond our control. Those are the times or moments when you may need to consult a psychic and seek spiritual guidance or answers.
We are not here to judge you. Our role as a spiritual guide on love and relationships is to facilitate a safe and discreet space for you to get all the answers or solutions in a non-judgemental way. I look forward to sharing your love and relationship journey with you.

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