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Steps - Taking Small Steps

And hello again,  let’s talk about getting out of your comfort zone as we reach the end of the year 2017 that work starting the new year 2018 New Year’s resolutions and new plans for the new year are coming ahead.

So let’s talk about doing something different in 2018 what are some of your goals,what would you like to achieve what would you like to do you want to lose 20 lb change job buy a house get married have a child. It all sounds so easy when we start writing down our New Year’s resolutions but then come March we haven’t even started the first one and we give up again this time we’re going to do it a little bit different. Instead of setting up an enormous thing to do that you might never do set up small tiny goes that you can accomplish until you get to where you want to be.

First set up all your goals things you want to achieve in the year 2018 or to end this year on that hooray. Once your goals are set up do a to-do list for the day for that week for the 15 days and four of the month breaking it up it’s a smaller things it’s easier to achieve and put yourself in the box and see that you’re moving in the right direction they having a monster project that you don’t know where to start. Also get a dream board start posting seeing affirmations help a person get to where they’re going what is your ultimate goal and put them on that dream board and then go back to your to-do list once you hit a 15-day Milestone that you’ve accomplished it pat yourself on the back you’re doing a good job it’s little things everyday I said an enormous Thing Once the really make the difference and said in your life into the right direction of all your goals dreams and happiness.

Once  you’ve done it 15 days pat yourself on the back give yourself a small reward show that you’re going in the right direction. Do the same when you reach 30 days give herself a little bit something bigger maybe take a day off or maybe enjoy something that you wanted in the Journey of your new self. Sometimes will fall short sometimes will exceed more don’t feel bad but when you fall behind just know the goal is right there giving yourself the small steps how to achieve more and long-term I’m rewarding yourself always feels good and it helps you to stay on track. When you get up in the morning look at your to-do list what do you have to do today what is absolutely mandatory one thing if you have 10 that’s fine but at least one meditate on what you want visualize your goals see him on your dream board have affirmations around you of things that you want if it’s to lose weight but that bikini there or the straight trunks it is to buy a car put a car it was to have a baby but baby things but seeing it shows you that it’s achievable. And before you know it you will be in the right direction you will have accomplished the things that you’ve front find quotes that you want that inspire you post them a refrigerator the bathroom affirmations do hope keep all of this around you and have an amazing end of the year and beginning of 2018 may all your hopes wish dreams come true.

As always lots of love and light




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