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Starseed Relationships

We are all starseeds looking for our soul mates, twin flames, purpose, and where we belong here on earth. We search for a meaning beyond our physical existence.

Being a starseed is a lot like being 1 of 52 cards in a deck when you're born, or one of a tarot card in a tarot deck. You exist as a conscious light spark in space, shining, flickering and moving to the universal flow. When multiple stars from the same star system incarnate into a physical human body, they become alive and live the human experience!

Each individual starseed from the same system is known as a soul mate! A soul mate is a star that existed around you in your galaxy, someone you're familiar with since you've been coexisting with them for many cycles around the earth! A twin flame is a larger star who needed multiple bodies to incarnate their whole star into. This is why we say twin flames are a part of ourselves, where as a soul mate is a separate entity.

A lot of the people you may already know are your soul mates. A soul mate can be a friend, a lover, or even a family member from the same star system.

Stars are light bodies in space - whole bodies of light just looking to transfuse into life here on earth. This is why a lot of starseeds are also light workers, working their natural element to raise vibrations and our ways of thinking about life.

Sometimes we go on a twin flame search, a lot like a soul search. We look for other glimmering bright counterparts to love, befriend, and spiritually ascend with. Meeting your twin flame will instantly send a starseed up a path into finding other twin souls. As one progresses out of a twin flame relationship, or stays with theirs, they will go on to meet their twin souls, mirror souls, or their ultimate twin ray! Which one we choose to end up with, or love, or however we spin it, is up to us.

Not everybody meets their fellow star seeds, soul mates or twin flames in any specific order. However, there are many levels to ascension, learning and love development needed to recognise every new soulmate and flame in our lives. There are many levels to who we meet in our lives, as star seeds and spiritual beings alike.

Call me today to inquire about your loved one or loved ones purpose in your life, and let's gain clarity on what your soul mission is with them! Why have you met them? Why have they met you? Perhaps you know they're not forever, but there’s just something you need to learn from them to move on in some way. Perhaps you want your twin flame to be forever, struggling to hold on, yet a twin soul or your twin ray could just be around the corner! Perhaps you want to find a soul mate instead of a twin flame, or maybe you're already happy and just need clarity on how to ascend with your current partner! Love is never wrong.

Inquire today. Ask your guides and ask me to find out. Let's find your light!

Kadi - 600767

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