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How I Found My Calling

Hello there everybody, thanks for taking the time to click on this blog. My Name is Paul Cattermole. I have had a very interesting life which has led me on many lucky adventures. As I sit here writing this I can see sheep in the fields of rolling hills to my left and the beach is 880 yards away to my north, although it is actually on the south coast but north of my current position. Now I have my bearings, I feel I can flow.


I live in a very rural area. I regularly walk in the local country parks, one if which is less than a mile away, and this winter there have been some Hereford Cows grazing in that field. I often go up there just to say “hello” to the hefty brown and white mammals. They are so docile and lovely, they hardly react to humans at all. They might occasionally have a big sniff of the air and then lick their noses as I walk past, just to get a scent.


Unlike the classic black and white Friesian cows that will follow people, sometimes even break out into a sprint, until you turn and face them and walk towards them, these Hereford cows don’t move a muscle; they just stare longingly.


It was one afternoon, when I was looking deep into a cow’s eye, that I got a sense of my calling in life. I was staring deep into this cows eyes and, well, It started talking to me telepathically. This cow told me that Earth was a DNA library, a collection of many species from many star systems out there in the cosmos. And as we were conversing telepathically, it showed me a map of a star system. I could see this map as it started to form, it was a holographic map of where this cow was from and it was spinning slowly around its eye ball.


I was already initiated into cosmic thinking and similar things like this had happened to me before, so it didn’t actually come as a great shock, but I was definitely inspired to take my spiritual work further. It was one of the most awesome moments of my life. This Cow told me to keep up the good work and that big things were expected of me. No Pressure.


I had already gotten into meditation long before this and I had been developing my spiritual gifts for quite some time. It was also at this time when I was meditating every day, sometimes twice, sometimes even thrice! I didn’t feel scared, overwhelmed pressured, or anything negative. This experience made me feel warm, confident, happy and inspired and I knew from that moment on I had to up the ante!


Tarot reading came to me 22 years ago, but it wasn’t until 2 years ago when I was designing my own deck for an art project that I realized, OMG , I need to be doing psychic readings for people, with tarot as my main tool, and I need to switch away from a showbiz, performing arts, stagey career and fully commit to helping people with my gift. When I was reading for myself, I often got the message of helping and healing people with my gift from the universe, but I’m going to be honest and say that I thought I was meant to do that through singing and song creation. Even if you are aware that I was part of the Music Industry, you might not be aware that I really am a good singer and songwriter! I say this with all humility, because I actually genuinely thought (for a long time) that if I sang to the world then I was gonna free the world. Or at least anyone who was actually listening. I had gotten fixed on the gift of singing being the gift I was meant to share. Now spiritual healing, psychic predictions, Tarot readings are where I am at wholly, and soul-ley.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you!

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