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Whilst many people believe a Tarot reading is all about the cards, what’s more significant to me is the layout, or spreads, I use to interpret messages for my clients.

Many books about the Tarot will include the Celtic cross spread, lauded for its intricacy and accuracy, but it doesn’t often fit my client’s needs.

Throughout my perpetual search for knowledge and understanding about our Metaphysical Beings I’ve come across a number of spreads that I use on a regular basis to deliver quick, accurate answers, usually during IM readings, or to confirm or delve deeper into a phone reading.

I normally use my, personally developed, Soul Print spread during all email and general phone readings. Using nine cards, this spread tells me a great deal about whom I am reading for. Your current concerns, hopes or frustrations shine forth in a comprehensive way which allows me to focus on what’s important to you in the moment.

Once your Soul Print has been laid, during a phone reading, I’ll ask whether you have specific questions, at which time I’ll revert to one of the quick question spreads, if the answer isn’t already evident or if you’d like to glean more detail from what I’ve seen so far.

An email reading will always include the Soul Print spread, because of the challenge it presents in my relating to the Querent as a person. Although your date of birth can reveal a lot about you, these are mostly written in numerical format, and with the British and US systems being different it can lead to very wrong communications, because a person born on 1/7 is of very different character to someone born on 7/1.

Lately I’ve been exploring a larger array of spreads including two Past Life layouts, the first looks at your youth, in the case of more mature Querents or at a present past life relevant to your current query, and identifies events or attitudes that possibly led to your present situation. It very interestingly reveals what lesson you might need to learn that will help you move forward and what energies you possess to help resolve a particular concern that’s holding you back.

The second spread deals with past life connections - you know when you’ve just met someone but feel like you’ve know them for years, well you probably have…

It takes a look at how the two of you were connected in a past life, lessons taught and learnt, then moves on to reveal why you’ve met again and how each can benefit from the current liaison, if there is more than a passing connection. 

I’d love to do a reading for you in the near future so if you’re struggling with a perplexing issue or are simply in the mood to learn more about yourself, your past or a current situation, please give me a call, connect via IM or request and email reading from: Skylin - Reader 600315

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