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Spiritual Creatures - The Cat

Spiritual Creatures – The Cat

From Egyptian times to modern day witchy myths, the cat represents protective powers and symbolizes good fortune. 

I am privileged to have 6 cats in my home, and they provide a quiet but positive energy. They do give out a great spiritual feeling of well-being, peace and harmony.  With the power of the cat spirit alive and well in you, you feel like someone who is independent and self-sufficient. You know how to make things happen and you rarely have the need to ask people for help. You are confident in your own skin, and you have no problems being with your own company.

Cat symbolism is all about communication. “But can a cat communicate?” you may ask.  Yes, cats can communicate extremely well, not only with each other but humans too.  Trust your intuition if a cat crosses your path; it is not only good luck but there is a message for you to listen to your own feelings.  Cats are psychic, there is no doubt about that.  They will often wait at the door 10 minutes before somebody arrives, be it a friend or a delivery driver!

They can also be amazingly protective. Cats easily sense a person’s intentions and whether they are bad or good.  On one occasion we had an attempted burglary, with a person coming through a downstairs window. They howled like a pack of wolves and scared the life out of the would-be thief!

When you dream of a cat, it is asking you to see clearly in the dark and to look closely at what is happening around you. Oftentimes, things are not what they seem. Also, encountering a cat in your dreams can be a simple reminder for you to enjoy your sleep, just like cats do! Don’t push yourself too hard. Work hard but don’t forget to pamper yourself. Give your body the rest that it deserves!

My next blog will be on another Spiritual Creature, the butterfly.

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