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Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

I get asked a lot about Spirit Guides, but I believe Spirit Guides vary between people, so  I can only tell you what I know from my own guides.

Please note the plural, as I am fully aware that I have had more than one guide.  I now work mainly with a spirit called Argus who looks after the spiritual side of me when I read for people, use Reiki or do other spiritual work. However, I am also very aware that my first guide I came to know was Alice.  She was with me from a young age up until I went into my 40’s. 

This is how I know we have more than one guide.  Each guide has a specific role to help us with.  Do not get me wrong, they are not there at our beck and call to answer or give anything we wish for.

They are powerful ascended beings that should be shown the utmost respect as they are way wiser than we are; they are our teachers and when did you ever demand from your teacher and not get a detention?  This is why in a reading, guides and any spirits that come through to you should be given the utmost respect; they are not here to be tested by us; they are not here to prove that they exist.

I know that a lot of us readers (and non-readers who are in contact with their guides) are very protective and defensive of our guides.  Afterall, we are just the mouthpieces and microphones for the guides.  The guides are the microphones and mouthpieces for spirit and the universe.

I became aware of Alice as I grew up.  Sometimes your children will talk about an invisible friend.  Sometimes I wonder if, in certain occasions, this is actually their guide. It’s worth thinking about.  I was always aware of a loving female around me and eventually I just accepted that she was there.  Her name was given to me in a visionary dream.  It was later confirmed when I had a psychic reading with two mediums, one was the great Derek Acorah.

As my own development progressed, I began to get a little worried as occasionally, just before I fell asleep as I would see half a man’s face.  The man was very tall, with a beard and longish hair, balding on top.  To be honest, he wasn’t that handsome.  This face came into me every night when I was sleeping until one day it dawned on me; it was a new guide trying to introduce himself to me!  I asked him to step forward and he did.  From that day on, I did not look back and as my guide spoke through me, the readings just got stronger and stronger.

My story is not a one off; this is a common way for guides to show themselves. You never have to name your guide; somehow, they will let you know their names. Even if you have not yet developed the ability to speak with them, they will be the thought in your head and the gut feeling.  Trust them, as they will never do you wrong.

You will find that sometimes you work with a new or different guide.  The bond between us and our guides is unique and will never go.  They just sometimes take a back seat (or a rest as I say) whilst other guides ‘guide’ you through the next stage of development.  I think I have worn Alice out, as I have not been aware of her for a while, but these day’s I am aware of two others helping me. 

Guides can be anyone, total strangers to us. They can be long-passed family members who we barely know, or even people totally unrelated. There is no hard and fast rule to who they are (or were), but one thing that was shared with me is that the mediums of the earth are the future guides in the universe.  Maybe one day I will be able to confirm this to someone in this earthly plan.

If you are not already ‘naturally’ aware of them, you can meet your guides in a variety of ways.  The most common and the easiest, as you can do it in your own time, is via meditation.  I keep reminding people that meditations do not have to be airy fairy and complex. Keep it simple and you can do it naturally, without needing to focus on the finer details of a complex meditation.

The other way is to find a ‘circle’, a group of fellow psychics and mediums, to sit in. This way you can be ‘trained’ in the conventional sense of meeting your guides. 

Maybe you don’t want to know who they are. That is fine, but please still listen to your gut instinct and intuition, as it is them trying to help you.  Every time I have gone against my gut, I have come unstuck.  Every time I have refused to listen to them, I have paid the price. On the other hand, every time I have listened to them and acted immediately I have benefited and the right outcome has taken place. 

I was once told to go to a certain place and collect something.  I will not go into great detail, but I was told it was at that time safe for me to go, but I must go now.  If I didn’t then I would lose an opportunity. I did as I was guided to do so and what I found was mind blowing and to my benefit later down the line in a life changing matter.  Maybe one day I will write all, but not yet.

The golden rules with our guides are to simply acknowledge that they are there. You do not have to know who they are, you do not have to know what they specialise in, but you do have to show respect. Please never forget that spirits come through to help, but they do not have to. For that we should be thankful.

I hope this gives you a glimpse into the world of guides and answers some of your questions.  By all means if I ever read for you and you want a blog article on something, please tell me and I will see if I can help.

Stay safe,


Shelly - 600333

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