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Special Moments In Time

Some people have trouble believing in faeries, elves and leprechauns.

One day whilst living in NZ, I was in a semi dream and semi meditative state when I saw that I was standing in a garden. It was a beautiful garden. I saw little people running through the garden so happy. The front man was a little man wearing a green jacket. I said ''You are so small.'' He said ''Well look at you. You are so tall. You are like a giant to us''

I said 'I like your green jacket'' He explained a woman had made it for him a thousand years ago. He himself was over 1000 years old he proudly explained. He then asked if I would make him a new jacket. This was all quite extra ordinary especially as it was my back garden. I did not recognize it because of the different size perspectives.

I set about to make a tiny jacket for this magical little helper. I found some velvety green material in the thrift shop next door to us.  What a mission to cut out a tiny sized jacket and sew it with press studs for buttons. It had to have buttons. He had insisted. What a mission of love. I was careful not to tell anyone as they possibly would think I was quite barmy.
I then placed the tiny jacket under a rock in the back garden. A week later out of curiosity I checked under the rock. The tiny green jacket was gone.

In its place I noticed a tiny round picture that looked like a small stamp. It had a picture of a face and with strange writings in gold around the outside. It was so small. The writing was strange and no language I knew of. I know it was a gift from him and, lucky.
I stuck it on my angel art Mandela art. It holds a special place in my heart.

If I never believed in the magical faeries and elves I certainly do now. I have tangible proof that they are real albeit in their own worlds separate to ours. When I reflect on special moments in time, that would have to be one.
Blessed Be

If you would like to know more about faeries and elves and if you have any magical guides that can assist you and bring luck into your life, give me a call.
Crystal Rose

faeries and elves

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