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Souls and Star-Beings


It has been said that we have 3 brains. The physical mind, the heart and the gut.  And, yes I would agree. We must work with all 3 (and the whole body and beyond). We expand much further than our auras alone. Do our auras ever end? Aren’t they universally expansive?

True story here. I did some Reiki healing with a developing spiritual soul recently and I couldn’t feel the edge of her aura. I couldn’t find where the prominent edge was from her body and I was amazed as I can usually feel a strong edge (not the end, just an edge where more pronounced energy sits). She had no idea how powerful she truly is (and I had never experienced this on another human as usually I can feel a prominent layer somewhere closer to the body). The more spiritual you are (and the more you develop yourself spiritually) usually the bigger the expansion of your aura. I’ve known peoples’ auras to expand way beyond one room - but this had me thinking on a new level. 

I was amazed by this beautiful soul as she was on a new spiritual journey (in this lifetime). She had either done a LOT of healing in the inter-life or was a very well-developed soul from past lives (likely having lived a lot of them). Perhaps in this life she had drawn from her past experiences (naturally) and her aura was just so expansive. No idea. It made me wonder where the prominent edge of my aura was now (after much healing and a deep spiritual journey over many years). Note to self: Find someone who can feel this for me!  

We are so much more powerful than we know (and maybe will ever know) - powerful beyond measure. With that said, NEVER underestimate yourself and what you can achieve with your own mind, body and spiritual essence. I am always surprised when I think I know something (and then I am shown something else or something new - something completely different, just to let me know there is no definite when it comes to spirituality). Spiritually we are always kept on our toes hey! Never put a cap or limit on anything. We all likely do it from time to time (and are likely accustomed to do so) but we really shouldn’t. 

When I got to experience the 12th dimension I didn’t then think; “Is this the furthest I can go”. I automatically decided there and then that there is always more. And when you experience more there is always more, more. Then more, more, more! Get my drift?

Nothing is (or should be) bound by limitation. Everything is expansive (and can become more expansive). The only limit is you (and what you tell yourself). 

Be free. 

Be expansive. 

I wonder what the 21st dimension is like? Maybe one day I will know. Until then I will believe in that realm (and beyond) and will NOT be bound by my thoughts! 

Remember, you are expansive - powerful beyond measure!

Soul Growth 

It’s all for soul growth. It’s all for raised (global) consciousness (and the creation of beyond 5D Mother Earth). The majority of people on this planet are utilising the 3D. They naturally go beyond this however when they sleep (or daydream or meditate and so on) and then there are more spiritually aligned people who are accessing the 7th and 8th dimensions (healers, alchemists, energy trailblazers and so on) and then people who are going beyond these realms (usually psychic mediums will be going further than the 8th dimension, usually the 11th or 12th for example). 

One day, all people will catch up with the 5th dimensional Mother Earth (and then we can work as a collective to take Mother Earth beyond the 5D). Consciousness starts with us (the people). The majority of people have not put the intention into their own consciousness, in that, they are operating in a very 3D (blinkered) capacity (using a very restricted percentage of their mind, body and spiritual capacity). When we wake and align, we start tapping into life on a whole new level. Becoming more conscious is key to anyone’s (and everyone’s) soul growth. I personally believe it starts with awareness. 

In order to grow, we must first become conscious (aware and awake). We heal. That’s where the growth is at. You (and you alone) are restricting (or allowing) your own growth. Period! 

In the inter-life we heal. Healing that hasn’t been ascertained here in this life (or past lives, which FYI, is your responsibility), can (and will) be done in the inter-life. Human life is for experiencing. We volunteer ourselves to experience (whatever) in order to grow (soul growth). Not just for us (our souls) but for others, animals, Mother Earth, planets, and all that is! 

Energy here on Earth is very low vibrational. This is why mediums and healers go to deeper dimensions to channel the lighter energy (and meet “in the middle” with souls in the deeper dimensions). It’s often too low energy here for souls (especially for very well-developed souls such as ascended masters). The deeper we can go the better. I would not have teamed with ascended master Melchizedek if I wasn’t able to go beyond the 5D (because even the 5D for Melchizedek is too low vibrational). Chances are, if you are, what I call a ‘well developed soul’ or highly spiritual, you likely find it tough being here on Earth, and if you are a descendant of the stars, you are likely set to break curses, cycles, generational patterns, any sort of ‘lack’ energy, and often lead the way for severe change on Earth in some light. Yes, me too! I’m HERE! 

But we all came here willingly, and if we didn’t want to be here in the end, then we wouldn’t. We have the right to ‘dip out’. But we can work together to make sure that when souls do come here they want to be here (and want to stay)! It’s painful on Earth and we need to change that! Star-beings are assisting here (but humans are slow in the making). What can you do to help with this raised collective consciousness? 

Together we can. We can do it, and some of you (perhaps all of us) have been “chosen” to pull the masses into this higher consciousness (whether the masses like it or not - and most will not at first as humans in general don’t do change very well). Essentially change is underpinned with fear (and humans host a lot of that I can assure you)! But you’ll be pleased to know fear is not real (it’s self-created). Yups, it's created by the wonderful human beings that are! 

This is a collective consciousness. No one should be left behind, but it will take some shifting for sure. How many years? Who knows. But essentially timing doesn’t really need to be equated to here; timing doesn’t exist beyond the 3D anyhow. So, with that in mind, essentially Mother Earth and ALL its habitants are already 5D and beyond. Amen to that! 

This is a whole new book for me by the way. You can read more about souls and star-beings in my new read (coming soon) ‘Souls And Star-Beings’. 

Lots of love, (bringing you more) Hope xox

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