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Conscious Shifts

Conscious shifts, for me, are all about awareness. If we are not first aware of something, then we won’t begin to shift. We raise our awareness and then our consciousness will begin to shift and expand (with work here, of course). Something to note here is this; we are constantly picking up on other people's thoughts, feelings, and emotions, so do make sure you are tuning directly into your own energy here. 

I can sometimes become aware and actively conscious of something via my dream world too (isn’t it amazing the insight we can gain through our dreams - it absolutely fascinates me). My dream world is incredible these days too as I am accessing way beyond the 12D now (phew what a journey that’s been)! I help people do the same too (which is incredibly aligned to who I have become and my soul's pathway). 

It is our responsibility in how we respond to any given experience (or thought, emotion, feeling, action and so on). One way I have been able to control myself in this sense is to stay out of my mind. As soon as I go in there and start overthinking or allow my mind to whirl out of control (with all the ‘what ifs’ or unimaginable outcomes, that I have somehow managed to imagine), I quit right there and then! I distract myself (immediately). If that means getting up as fast as I can, getting my shoes on and going for a walk in nature then that’s what I do. I don’t sit there in my own thoughts. It is essentially letting go and knowing that all will be resolved (on its own) in good (and divine) timing. Don’t overthink or make room for negative thoughts - just don’t do it to yourself as it’s mentally draining and this then leaks into your body, soul, aura, energetic capacity and so forth. It becomes your reality too (and becomes deeply embedded in your subconscious over time). Stop it at the source. Full stop. If a slight negative thought begins to emerge, say NO! Not today, no thanks. Not tomorrow either! 

The brain is a muscle, and it needs exercise (constant work and attention)!  

Strong mindset is THE be all and end all. 

10 ways to become mentally stronger: 

  1. Take 10 minutes per day to reflect
  2. Give up bad habits (one at a time)
  3. Do one tough thing a day 
  4. Bring about positive self-talk (and thinking)
  5. Identify challenges and set goals
  6. Clearly see your strengths and weaknesses 
  7. Journal daily - expressing what you are grateful for 
  8. Write down 15 great ideas each day
  9. Take care of your physical health
  10. Create a healthy (and tidy) environment 


Rewiring the mind

Affirmations. Affirmations. Affirmations. 

I find gratitude affirmations particularly powerful. Why? Because affirmations are known as scientific prayer firstly. There is science behind affirmations. 

I will say this each and every day; the words that follow “I am” are the most powerful words in your life (make sure they are of high vibration and positive positive positive)!  

Prayer is one of the highest frequencies (so highest frequencies combined with science and you’re onto a winner)! 

Gratitude is often the missing ingredient I see people dismiss when trying to manifest. They come to me and say that they are trying their hardest to manifest but it just isn’t working. Usually, it’s a combination of three things; patience, gratitude, and expectations (as well as believing you fully deserve and are ‘as though’ - as though it has already come to fruition). Gratitude though, is often the number one missing ingredient. People are often so focused on the ‘getting’ part that actually they are coming from a place of lack (without even being aware of this). Let me give you an example here. Let’s say you are trying to manifest a new car, your focus in terms of visualisation goes to seeing the car, being in the car, smelling the colours in the car, seeing the interior, the exterior and your hair blowing in the wind (if you’re manifesting a soft top), but you must then bring your focus to gratitude also - being grateful for the bus ride and the in-depth conversations you have as you ride the bus, perhaps the people you meet as you walk or the wind and rain in your hair as you go to the bus stop (and so on). Sometimes people focus so much on what isn’t there, that is exactly the reason why it's not showing up! People are focused on the ‘lack of’ (and manifestation won’t transpire in that ‘lack’ energy). 

Rewiring the mind has been a key part of my own personal journey and growth. The Bars - Access Consciousness was a much deeper shift (as well as light code work and deep hypnosis). Unlearning too (now this has been a journey and a half in terms of mindset I can assure you). From birth (and pre-birth) we have had so many influences and imprints, and this has shaped us, often though, some of that (sometimes most of that) has almost been chosen for us (especially when you think of the development of ourselves as children from early stages of life). We have often been labelled and have built a belief system that potentially belongs to others (and isn’t our own truth). 

I will you now, find your own truth. Often this means unlearning. And when something is ingrained in us (especially on a subconscious level) it is harder to shift or reset than we first think or know. 

When I was younger, I grew up thinking I was stubborn. Why did I believe this? Well, someone told me so. They embedded this label deep into my subconscious mind. When I was older, if I went along to an interview and was asked any of my weaknesses I would answer, “well I can be a bit stubborn”. 


Let me show you a fine example of the words that follow ‘I am’ are so incredibly important. 

“I am strong minded”. 

Do you feel the difference there? They thought I was stubborn (low energy), I think I am strong minded (my high energy truth). 

I had to unlearn their truth and to shift that from deep subconscious thinking wasn’t an easy process. And there was waaaaaaaaay more unlearning to do too!! 

Unlearning is an acquired skill set essentially (with many possible avenues). I found a few different ways to achieve mind freedom and one that proved great here was addressing my self-talk. Understanding who I am to my core (soul level).

To finalise here, do not let others place labels on you (unless you like that label and have chosen it for yourself). For example, I am happy to be labelled vegan - I chose this myself. This is my own truth. 

Learn how to rewire your mind (and a great place to start is via affirmations), address your self-talk and make new and aligned conscious shifts (finding your own truth, soul deep). 

Lots of love, (bringing you more) Hope xox

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