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Soul Mates Quiz

Help your callers find out if they have found The One!
By Skye

Does your caller experience an uncanny body, mind, and spirit connection with a special someone? Well here’s your chance to find out!  Intuitive Skye questioned two Los Angeles, CA-based relationship experts: Marla Martenson, author of Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate is Waiting (Hampton Books) and Dr. Ava Cadell, founder and president of Loveology University ) and compiled this quiz! Take it and discover if your caller has met their match. (You can have them take the quiz or use some of the questions for your read. It works for both genders.)


1. When you meet face to face for the first time, you:
A) automatically show your true colors without hesitation.
B) pause before speaking and acting.
C) pretend to be somebody else to please him.

 2. You’re together on a dinner date you:
A) never seem to run out of things to share with each other.
B) wish you were solo at work or working out at the gym.
C) are out of sync and feel uncomfortable.

 3. He divulges his innermost goals. You:
A) are on the same page with your visions of the future.
B) get some of his aspirations and dreams.
C) feel his lofty pipedreams are out of touch.

 4. He’s considering a new job that comes with a temporary relocation. You:
A) know that it may exclude you, but wish the best for him.
B) wonder if the two of you will grow apart.
C) freak out because you have a hunch he’ll find someone else.

 5. Have you ever felt like you wanted to protect him from being hurt in a situation or by someone else?
A) Definitely.
B) Once in a while.
C) Not really.

 6. He’s got a few quirks.You:
A) find his imperfections endearing and help to deal.
B) analyze his glitches and ponder if he’s a worthwhile fixer upper.
C) point out his faults, complain and try to change him.

 7. Do you find you can finish each other’s sentences or read each others’ mind?
A) always.
B) occasionally.
C) never.

 8. When you gaze into his eyes, you amazingly see yourself...
A) often
B) sometimes
C) never

 9. Do you ever think about him, only to have him contact you within minutes or hours?
A) You betcha.
B) A few times.
C) Nope.

 10. Do you feel there is great meaning to your relationship when you two are together and apart.
A) Yes.
B) Sort of.
C) Not yet.
TALLY UP TIME - The more A’s, B’s, and C’s you answer will tell you if have found your soul mate—someone you have a profound affinity with together. Some romantics believe each person’s soul has another complementary counterpart and is the link to total happiness and fulfillment once two soul mates connect.

Mostly A’s - Soul Mate Kudos to you! You’ve found your true match. “The two of you are inseparable. There is a powerful, instantaneous feeling that you have known the other before,” says Martenson. “The relationship is immediate, as though no time had been lost since you were last together.” If you still want to be together forever--even when you think you might drive each other crazy,--that is a sure-fire sign he is your soul mate.
Tapping into a True Love: “Treat your soul mate like your best friend. Too often we treat the love of our life the worst--thinking that they will be around no matter what,” says Martenson. “Whatever you do, don’t take your soul for granted. Treasure him and savor each moment.”
Tip-Off: “He prepares romantic, enhancements to stimulate all five of your senses before making love to you,” says Cadell.

Mostly B’s - Soul Date Sometimes you sense your new date or the man you’ve been dating is your soul mate—but then you’re not 100% sure. Rather than kiss him goodbye, take potential soul mate inventory. “Spend quality time together and see if this really is the person that you want to be with,” says Martenson. She suggests observing the other person in different situations (i.e., interacting at a restaurant of intimate dinner with you) is the key to knowing if you’ve met your soul mate, not just another date. The love guru adds, “Take your time, after all, your soul mate is forever, right?”
Tapping into a True Love: If you hope that special man in your life is your soul mate, it doesn’t mean that you should flee off to Las Vegas and get married ASAP, says Martenson. If he is your true love, he will always be there for you with no strings attached.
Tip-Off: “He asks to look into your soul by looking into your eyes and tells you all the positive he sees,” sees Cadell.

Mostly C’s - Soul Flake Unlike the Soul Mate and Soul Date, this imposter is not compatible with you, and there are red flags to help you to determine if you are stuck in mismatch territory. If the word “monogamy” isn’t in his vocabulary, he may be a bad boy or commitment-phobe, points out Martenson. Move on, and remember, once you stop looking for the soul mate of your dreams, you may meet that great guy.
Tapping into a True Love: If he’s hypercritical of you from head to toe, do some soul searching, says Martenson. If a man doesn’t respect you, says Martenson, he isn’t your soul mate.
Tip-Off: A self-serving Casanova who has sex on the brain (and isn’t in tune with your needs and feelings) isn’t soul mate material, concludes Cadell. He’s just a flake.

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