Guest Speaker

Self-Shielding & Protection

Do you feel ‘drained’ and stressed after going shopping or being in a busy / crowded environment? 

This could be because your energy is being drained by the other people around you. Even if those people aren’t intentionally draining your energy, they may be feeling stressed, they may be unwell, or they may be negative people. You could enter the shop or pub or gig feeling quite good and happy with good energy, but after leaving you may not understand the way you are feeling. You may have taken on some negative emotions that another person was feeling, in the queue, then leave taking some of that with you. It could make you feel really low and it won't make sense how you are feeling. It sometimes manifests as an ‘irritated’ feeling. 

Before I realised what was happening, this was happening to me for many years. I would get back from town feeling very irritable and low in energy. At times I would feel ‘wiped out’. This is when I discovered the art of Self Protection. 

There are a number of ways of protecting yourself and this can vary on what the situation is and the ‘feeling’ at the time. For example, if you have to visit or work in a hospital, caring and being around people who feel unwell can be extremely draining. In this example I would ask for ‘Shielding’ from my highest- level Spirit Guide. You don’t need to know their name etc, you can just ask them for help, in a calm state of mind. Take a few deep breaths and ask for your Highest- Level Guide to draw close to you, putting golden shields around you, on every side. These shields can be made of whatever you choose, or what you can visualise clearly. They could have Psychic Mirrors on the outside deflecting darkness etc away from you. This kind of shielding is good in ‘dangerous’ situations or situations where you feel there is ‘darkness’ etc. So this is higher level protection.  

You can also ask for ‘every day’ level of protection, for general situations like shopping or going to public places. In this situation I ask my Guides to surround me in a ball of golden light or a ‘mirror ball’ of light that surrounds me and protects me. 

If someone is shouting or aggressive towards you and you feel ‘threatened’, you can visualise or ask for a large mirror to be placed in between you and the person, where the energy will be bounced back away from you. 

You can also ask your Guides to place a shield in Gold or Lead or any substance that feels right for you, over your solar plexus area. This is where energy travels into your energy field or out, and if you feel someone is taking your energy, you may feel tingles or a feeling like ‘butterflies’ around that area. This is the energy coming or going.  

So, there are different levels of protection, for different situations. It is all about the intention and how YOU feel at the time... 

Take care, Ivy x 

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