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Secrets And The Tarot


There is a lot of controversy on whether one should keep secrets, to be frank, it depends on the secret and if in fact the secret that one is keeping is in some way shape or form impacting the life of another person. What do I mean? For example if you have a secret like you like to read on the toilet, keep it, this secret is private and whether or not you do this activity does not have any impact on the well-being of someone else, so there is no need divulge it. Some things are better left unsaid.

Now let’s assume you were diagnosed with an illness that needed immediate treatment, this is not something you keep to yourself, this needs to be shared with the people you love because you will need their support and you definitely do not want to go through this alone..

How about if you made a bad investment and now you lost half of your savings and the savings of your partner’s well you owe it to them to come clean, so you can rectify the matter. Sometimes coming clean is what is needed it removes a load from our conscious and we thus can make preparations towards remedying the situation which we got ourselves in.

Lets look at the tarot, now several things to understand is the tarot can point out when someone is lying, that's done with the cards such as three of swords usually means someone is not being truthful they are stealing from you, or the hangman reversed ruled by Neptune, Neptune rules Pisces and the twelfth house where secrets and places where those secrets reside, such as mental hospitals and prisons. So one can gauge by reading the cards if someone is keeping a secret and determine or get an idea what it could be concerning, for example the Devil represents resisting temptation the devil is ruled by Pluto the planet of sex and change. So let’s assume this card is reversed then someone is losing their battle with temptation or addiction.

Everyone has his or her secrets we all have the right to our private lives as long as our privacy or secrets does not encroach or abuse others lives. Ask yourself this, is your secret impacting another person? How is your secret affecting them? Does your secret benefit them, like a surprise party secret, or is it hurtful to them, like an affair. Once you know how this is affecting someone other than you or even if it affects them at all then you can gauge whether or not to come clean.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to speaking with you then.

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