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Secrets - Truth Changes


Accepted truth changes with new discovery and with new perceptions that we all as individuals have when insight appears in the mind about what is truth...The group of teacher and guides that I work with tell me that truth is conceptional and is always evolving.

This creates greater awareness and greater awareness comes with new choices. This then makes it possible to put new wisdom received into application for the good of all. The act of judgment of other people circumstances will create unloving thoughts in the mind of the one making judgments, which will create karma and will block the heart chakra, which is a self imposed limitation brought about the unloving separate mind.

Unfruitful criticism of the actions that happen within other people lives does not solve any problem...Those making the judgment call are incapable of the likely consequences of their own thoughts and action .Great damage can be done if our actions are vindictive, unloving or are to gain power over another. The law of attraction will bring into our experience what we give attention to. Adding or subtracting by our perceived perception which may not be the truth can cause misunderstandings. It would be wise to avoid making judgments until the timing is right. Secrets or rumours can ruin our life experiences.

Character is revealed by what proceeds from the feeling you nurture in your heart. The feelings you hold in your heart are diluted down by the thoughts you allow into the subconscious mind. So it is necessary to have internal methods of purifying the heart.

Hence, meditation is advised. Living in duality, man subverts transcendent soul nature with egoist involvement of the feeling of his heart in likes and dislikes. Indiscriminate attractions and repulsion are self imposed by what we give attention to. Giving our attention and focus to other people’s lives is an impingement on the soul growth of another.

Our very own experience and manifestations reflect back to us a reflection of our own mind. As what we give attention and focus to will surly happen. Hence, the distorted lives that we as men and women experience. is of our own making.

By using your focus, your attention and energy in positive constructive way, one will focus on the wood in their own eye which it would be wise to see the truth of that. Know all are on their own journey...

For all those who resonate with what I have written feel free if you feel blocked and want guidance on your own awaken path to what is truth for you... My pin no. 500126 Thomas

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