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It is said that the ‘Veil is Thin’ at Halloween/Samhain and happening in the super-sensitive water sign Scorpio, it is not surprising. One of the standard descriptions of the sign of Scorpio could include: Sex, Death and Transformation. Scorpio is a water sign, but that does not make it wishy-washy. Anything to do with Scorpio tends to be intense and often includes a lot of hidden, concealed or secret elements or experiences.

These can be anything from psychic intuition, psychology and healing to the worst criminal and abusive activity, and the depths of the physical earth and oceans. These ideas are reflected in Pluto, the Ruling planet of Scorpio. (Every sun sign has a ruling planet.) Pluto tends to represent an irresistible force or movement that will bring about change and transformation by bringing things out of the darkness and into the light. He will stir things up leading to change. He will not be stopped.

Pluto is the name of a Roman god also known as Hades to the Greeks. He is Lord of the Underworld, a place of death and darkness, underground and hidden from the light of day.  The myth which he is most often associated with is the Rape of Persephone (Proserpine). Persephone is the daughter of the Goddess of the Harvest, Ceres (Demeter). Pluto abducted Persephone and when Ceres pleaded through Mercury for her return, he agreed to allow her to spend half of the year with her mother, and half with him.

The story about Pluto is not just very relevant to this time of year in the northern hemisphere, but currently with the ‘MeToo’ movement, awareness of the pollution of the oceans, the rape of the forests, poisoning the atmosphere: the Rape of Gaia herself. Ceres is appealing to the god of the Underworld, the rapist, to allow her daughter back into the light. We are seeing the darkness, the sordid realities of self-interested human activities being revealed in the media. There are now so many issues that cannot be kept hidden, issues of abuse, rape, aggression and destruction.

We are aware of the path of planet Pluto in its orbit around the Sun, and as with all other aspects of astrology, events in the heavens reflect events on planet Earth. These are distressing times in many ways, but it is important not to be totally bleak about the future. As the ‘dark forces’ abuse the beautiful blue planet, so the forces of Light grow to bring renewal and transformation. Sadly, it’s unlikely to be an overnight ‘fix’, but if we truly believe there is more to life than the physical stuff of our everyday lives, then we can help, with our ‘prayers’, with our belief and where possible action in this world, to do what we can to heal planet Earth and all that lives on her, calling for the assistance of beings in other dimensions.

Samhain takes us into contemplations about death and dying, but these, however painful, are part of a natural cycle that leads to rebirth at the Winter Solstice, when the sun (in the northern hemisphere) grows stronger again. The cycle of life continues endlessly.

Because at this time of year we are closer to other dimensions, to Spirit, to the Faye or Fairy realms, to our guardians and guides, to the angels, to the heartbeat of the planet, we can listen; we are more open to messages, insights and information. We may be able to communicate our prayers and wishes for love and healing more strongly, to be heard by others. It is a powerful time to be receptive, to be prepared to gain some insight, hear messages from elsewhere and it is reasonable to assess how we use that information and what action, if any, we choose to take, keeping it in the Light.

The dwarf planet Pluto continues in its 248 year orbit around the sun. It is extremely distant, but nonetheless, since its discovery in 1930, has can be seen to represent powerful influences and undercurrents reflected on Earth and in human lives. These past couple of years have seen some extraordinary revelations about the abuse of power, through sexual abuse and manipulation as well as all manner of abuse and exploitation. Plutonian/Scorpionic issues appear to be particularly strong in this human moment.

At a more personal level, the planets Mercury and Jupiter are aligned in the heavens at the very end of October, in the sign of Scorpio. Mercury is the Messenger, Jupiter (or Zeus) is the King of the Gods, so if they are in close communication in the last couple of days of October, a whole lot of communications will be going on.

This will be a good time to tune in, to be aware, and take note of intuitions, insights and dreams. Maybe write them down to honour Mercury and the King of the Gods and refer to them later. Scorpio heals, reveals, and can be intense. Messages may be ones of healing, of insight, of revelations and transformation, but the intense emotional sensitivity of Scorpio could also involve some more emotional experiences that may be far more unsettling.

If you are waiting for guidance, this Samhain the veils may be even thinner than usual, remain aware, ask for guidance in love and light and register signs, dreams and synchronicities. If they don’t make immediate sense, don’t worry, given time, they probably will. Allow your insight to follow its own course and try to avoid pushing with your mind, light a candle and sit quietly, take a walk outside, have a long soak in the bath, breathe gently and slowly, be open while asking the angels (Michael is usually the most obvious candidate with his sword and shield) to keep you safe. Your mind is very clever, but not always on the best wavelength for spiritual insight and intuition.

At Samhain, with its focus on death and loss, we can imagine the grief and distress of Ceres at the loss of her daughter, of her rape and abduction, but the she will return, as she does every spring. This brings us to Beltane and the celebration of fertility with nature bursting forth into bloom and fruitfulness. Pluto takes innocence and beauty into the underworld, she is abused, she is exposed to the depths of human depravity, but he keeps his contract, and duly returns her to live in the light, where she can enjoy being with her mother, to revel in the creative and productive season. But she can also tell the story so that others can be aware.

Have a Blessed Samhain,


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