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Embracing The Moon

As we approach Oct 31 also known as Hallows Eve this is when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, meaning that we are able to send and to receive messages from those who have crossed over to the other side. 

This is also a time of cleansing and release, our next full moon will happen on Oct 24, so what does this mean? Time to plant new seeds, time to embrace new changes, look at things from a different perspective and let go of the old, the outdated the unuseful and the unhealthy. It’s about abundance, it’s about understanding our shadow-self rather than denying it or running from it.

So what should you do, make a list of  five to ten things  and draw a line down the middle  on one side   Positive  here are the things that benefit your life and that you should keep.  On the opposite side write the word “Negative” beneath it are all the things that are nothing more than distractions and that subtract from your life they do not contribute to your well being.  These are the things you need to release cut out or change and minimize. Your list should look like this:

Positive                                                 Negative

Studying for my associates degree           Fears, doubts and worry

My boyfriend                                          Hot flashes

My pets                                                 CNN Fake News

My health                                               Impatience

You can even add mental notes on your list:

Note to self: Celebrate that you are studying to be a paralegal, ‘et tu parles un peu francais’ and that you can speak a little french.  Celebrate that your life is now moving in the direction you want it to, and envision your success.  This will definitely help you out.

Find the balance in your life, sometimes we become so obsessed with what we want or what we wish we had, we lose sight  of what we have, and that is just as if not more important.  Why? For the reason that we experience joy in the NOW not in the past where it happened, or not in the future where it has yet to happen.  But we experience joy in the present tense in the now!  We need to remain centered and live in the present because if we fall back to the past we experience fear, if we travel to the future we experience worry and doubt, but if we remain in the present we appreciate today and we don’t miss out on life’s blessings.

I once heard during shabbat a beautiful saying and it always stuck with me, “The past is history the future is a mystery, today is a gift which is why we call it the present.

Challenges, make a list of any challenges that you may be experiencing.  And how you can overcome them, example:

Challenge 1.  Lilly my cat needs her fangs extracted cost $460, How can I do this?

Well, I can save $200 a month until I have the money and then get her fangs extracted or pay off one of my cards which has a $600 limit and that will cover the cost of her dental work.  Write down your challenge, and also the steps that you can take to either resolve or diminish this challenge. Oct is all about changes and overcoming challenges, so this is a great time to work on any challenges that perhaps you have been putting aside, do not procrastinate be proactive and take action.

Practice Patience, yep! I said it patience is essential, why? Well because unfortunately we cannot have things instantly, somethings unfortunately take time. I’d love to be a paralegal right now and be working in a law office being paid a nice amount of money. But in order to get there I first need to finish my associates degree and considering there are four semesters and I am only on semester number two which has tons of reading assignments  and lessons, I probably won’t be finished until if I’m lucky next year that’s if! I’m lucky if not I’ll be done by 2020 which means I better practice patience cause I can’t get that job without the knowledge and that’s why I am studying for ‘my associates in paralegal studies. 

I’d love to have hair that goes down to my back, and I’m taking biotin and drinking water washing it only once a week and doing rice water and masking it once a week, but unfortunately I have to practice patience, because my hair was chopped off four months ago and now it will take five months more to grow it out to where it was.  To be honest by March it should be where I want it to be, again I have to practice patience.

We can’t always have what we want, when we want it, life doesn’t work that way.  We can work daily, weekly monthly yearly towards our goal until we reach it.  Which is why we must be able to “Practice Patience.”

October is the perfect time to write out what you want and how you will go about getting it. 

But be realistic, know that somethings may not happen when you want them to, example: I want a house with lots of land and pretty much no neighbors, like a farm where I can raise chickens have a few more dogs and enjoy peace and quiet with no noisy neighbors.  This probably won’t happen until after I start working as a paralegal so I’m looking at two to three years from now.  That’s okay I will continue  working on making it happen  little by little bit by bit and I feel that in my heart of hearts I will have that house in farm country solitude no noisy neighbors  maybe a lake and lots of acres for my dog or by then dogs, to run around in.  I already see it, a rustic like home with a fireplace and lots of light in the house and a lake in the backyard serene and peaceful.  Will I get there tomorrow? I WISH!  LOL But realistically not a chance!

But I know that I will, eventually, and that’s a start we first envision what we want that’s the first stage, planting the seeds.  Then now we have the vision so the next step is how we make it happen, we need a blueprint a plan of action.  A road that will lead us to our ultimate goal.  Example  I want to be a paralegal, in order to get there I need the associates degree, so I enrolled in a college online and I have already been studying for one year already  this is no longer a wish or a dream, its a goal and I am taking the steps to make it happen.  I have the blueprint complete the course and then register with a staffing agency that specializing in placing me in law firms.  I have the plan already.  This is how you make things happen.

Does this mean you will not get discouraged? NOPE You will, I know I do, I have days I don’t want to study, I’ll be honest with you, I have days I don’t want to even take calls, because I’m so stressed out.  But how I deal with it is I first take care of myself and make sure I’m energetically fit so that I can give my 100% to my callers.

Before you can heal the world “To thine own self be true.”  Source W. Shakespeare Hamlet Polonius 

What Polonius meant is you must first be true to yourself and to what you need before you can tend to anyone else or false men insincere people. 

Ask yourself this question, “Am I the same person I was last year?  Hopefully the answer you will get is no!  I know I’m not  in 2017 I had discovered in a dna test I was 5% European Jewish and by 2018 I had completed my conversion into the jewish faith as a reform jew.  Am I the same person I was last year? Not even close! And I bet by next year I will have grown even more, this is the natural progression. We learn more about who we are and what makes us tick, what we like vs our dislikes and how we can become the people that we are meant to become.

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