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Relationship Stagnation

Relationship Stagnation

As exciting as relationships can be, you always have to take your personal needs into consideration. You won’t always have the same visions, needs and desires as the person you enter into a relationship with.   

Imagine this scenario; things aren’t working out, you feel like you’re disinvesting, the bond you once felt has melted somewhere in time, you can’t pinpoint exactly when or why.

Slowly, your heart started letting go. The things you used to find endearing, no long make your heart skip a beat. The jokes that used to be funny are no longer appreciated. The little things you used to feel inclined to do for no particular reason, no longer arise.

You want to believe this may be a step up, an adjustment point to the next level of maturation of two souls being together. You give it a chance and do what you can to re-ignite the flame that once burnt so brightly between you.

Sadly, after a while, each day together begins to feel like an ordeal and although you can’t say exactly why, you’re going numb, the feeling of wasted time engulfs you and new horizons beckon.

You raise the subject with your partner, as you’ve done a number of times in the past; again you’re assured things are going fine. By now you’re wondering about your instincts, are they lying to you or are you simply unaware, completely oblivious of the fact that nothing has changed…

Weeks, months or years go by, you talk to a friend or counsellor but the aura persists. Time passes and before you know, another year has slipped away and it dawns on you that you haven’t felt content for a long time, yet you continue to exist.

By now your counselling cushions have hardened against the agonizing, carping sessions you’ve imposed on them. They can no longer tolerate what you’re putting yourself through, their lives have ups and downs and they have to cope, yours is draining, and rubbing off on them.

For some this scenario can take weeks to work through, for others years. In the end though, the extent of your patience has to be weighed against your personal values. The choice is always yours, unless you’re being held hostage of course, in which case you’ll need professional guidance.

If you’re treading water regarding the status of your relationship call me for a Tarot reading or, better still, send me the dates of birth for yourself and your partner to get a comprehensive compatibility report via email on your relationship prospects.

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