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Psychometry is when a reader holds an object which belonged to a soul before they passed into the spirit world. It is held by the reader in their hand to sense and feel the energy of the person who passed on the object. This is to assist in developing a link to their spirit for a message and communication to share with those most eager to speak and reunite with lost loved ones in heaven.

When I was in my younger years my Maltese grandmother passed into the world of spirit after I had nursed her through her terminal blood cancer. At the time her 4 adult children gathered to share her jewellery. I had been asked to clean up the jewellery before everyone met. After all the pieces had been shared between them, there was one piece left. It was a Maltese 22 carat gold crucifix without a stamp. In those days Maltese gold wasn’t stamped. This piece, which she had worn all the time up until her passing, was given to me. It was very precious to her. I was overjoyed to receive this and put it on straight away. Unbeknown to me at this time, what was about to transpire. Shortly after putting the necklace on, I started to smell carnations, which were my nanas favourite flowers. Then I started feeling a hand stroking my face and could feel her spirit everywhere I went around her house. I could hear her talking to me in her bedroom upstairs and felt, "how strange, who is this talking?" I was astounded! 

No one else seemed aware of this. This baffled me even more. I was surprised and started explaining to my family that I could feel my nanna in the house ever since I put her cross on. At first not much notice was taken of me by the elders. But as the days and weeks past, I was still feeling my nanna close by. Then I was asked to take off her cross. Which really, I didn’t want to do. But being respectful to elders, I did as I was asked and gently would feel her presence fade away. Which really saddened me, as having her so close was so comforting. So, I resumed wearing her cross and chain and eventually life simply resumed normality as best one can do when grieving the loss of a beautiful loved one. Many years past, where I had different spiritual experiences. But it wasn’t until I was part of a development circle, in my late 20s, in an SNU Spiritualist Church, that I learnt that mediums sometimes hold loved one’s jewellery to develop an energetic connection to them, to help with linking to the spirit and giving messages called ‘Psychometry’. 

My mind amazingly flashed back to the beautiful memory of wearing my nanna’s necklace and recalling how naturally and easily she came to me before going into heaven. I thought, "Oh yes, of course. It was the necklace. That is how this happened. How magic!" and everything then made very good sense to me.

In my reading room for the last 30 years, which brings me now to almost 60 years old, I’ve held clients loved one’s jewellery and have been astounded at how powerful this reading method is. It is always a beautiful way to work with the spirit world. Whilst I also often worked hands free with no tools at all, it felt so much more natural than the many reading cards and crystal ball I used and yet they were all always marvellously surprising too... especially the crystal ball. As my other nanna was a Romany Maria Lee, whose gifts travelled down to me, it is a very interesting thing. It had been decreed that they would, and nothing anyone did could have stopped what is divine lineage by birth right and gifted by God.

When one can experience the spirit for oneself and form the links and connection of how this spiritual science works, life becomes even more beautiful, fulfilling and wholesome. So, the next time you may think of wearing a loved one’s jewellery, or using a teapot for tea leaf readings, which belonged to a grandmother, just maybe, this will call them close to you, like a telephone line, and you too may have an amazingly uplifting and beautiful experience with them from the spirit world. I am a great believer that one needs to experience the spirit personally, then there can be no doubt about the spirit world. 

May the love & light of the spirit be with you all.

God Bless

Mary Maria 

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